Whitney Mongiat Throws EPIC Tantrum in Viral Video, Files to Divorce Husband

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A viral video of Whitney Mongiat kicking and screaming in the front seat of her car has been seen across the country after it hit the Internet this week.

Her husband, James, said he recorded the scene in Nashville, Tenn., so he could show the world what he has to endure being married to her:

Now Whitney has offered her side of the story, though, claiming she was being bullied by her spouse and that he provoked the rant that he filmed.

Oh, and she's filing for divorce ASAP.

It all started when the pair, who married just 15 months ago, were headed on a weekend trip to the lake, when Jim had a change of heart about going.

This sent Whitney through the roof.

In the clip above, Jim tells his wife, “It’s my day to get $h!t done too, and you’re acting like an 11-year-old who didn’t get the toy from Wal-mart."

“You are because you’re not taking your wife out on the lake that we’ve spent money for … you have to stop and get me some cigarettes! I’m about to go crazy!"

"I never get my way! I just want one day when I get my way!”

When he posted her tirade online, it went viral and attracted media attention. Both have since spoken to outlets in the wake of the domestic dispute.

Jim insists he doesn’t second-guess his choice to upload the personal clip, and that Whitney's tantrum was commonplace in their relationship.

She said that Jim frequently bullied her, caused tantrum with his own actions and set out to humiliate her by posting her at her worst moment online.


Just a note that most people haven't bothered with - she is NOT dressed like someone who KNEW they were going some place to get a car fixed - period. I'm surprised that NO ONE has mentioned that - which means, at the time she got into the car, she truly felt that they were going to the lake. Her anxiety attack was obvious to anyone who'd has them (panic attack), and while her behaviour is clearly whacked-out, her ex-husband is NOT in the clear of blame - he needs to take responsibility for the obvious goading he was doing. He's an ass, she's unstable - no way that was going to last. His laughter through the whole thing isn't going to help his case either. I'm surprised that no one has sought help for her anxiety too, but then again, he didn't seem like he wanted to help with much of anything.

@ hexxuss

Let's play Devil's Advocate and say she was crazy, or did have a legitimate mental illness. (Which she does not.) Does that mean she deserves to be psychologically and emotionally tormented and abused, and then publicly humiliated? Is that how you would treat someone that you love who is sick?


Poor baby. There is strange mental illness that is highly contagious that is being referred to by medical professionals as "the daddy syndrome".
Just remember James you are her husband, not her father. Good luck, accept the divorce, and most of all "Run James! Run!"


It is quite obvious that he has been toying with her emotions for quite some time. I hear her frustration, desperation, pain and anger in all of the screaming and yelling. There is much more to this video than the eye can see and the ear can hear. And of course he knows that he is being recorded and would behave like a good boy. I trust that she will get rid of him a.s.a.p. for her own well being.


That lady is a crazy bitch. Her husband is badass for posting the video. you go Jim!!!!

Samantha lynn

I can't believe how many people all over the internet are defending this woman. I don't believe for one second that he's a bully or that he's ever been abusive towards her. She's just a whiny, self-entitled brat that throws tantrums to get what she wants, and when it doesn't work, she heads to facebook to tell her friends what a "meanie” her husband is. So apparently its okay for her to badmouth her husband all over the place, but it's not okay for him to show the world what he has to put up with. This story seems very biased. There is plenty of information missing in this article that I've seen elsewhere. There is no mention of his claims that he had worked a 60 hour week and had told her numerous times earlier in the week that he couldn't take her. No mention of her nasty facebook comments that shamed him to their family and friends. And no mention of her being a probable alcoholic, seeing as she has an interlock on her car, meaning she has been arrested for DUI and therefore couldn't take her own car. I'm getting pretty tired of seeing all this bias in favor of her. If I were her husband, I would have filmed every single one of her crazy outbursts, just because men tend to get the short end of the stick in court. He's gonna need all the ammunition he can get.


Don't judge this woman too harshly, she seems like someone that has been repeatedly pushed into a corner over a long period of time. He's clearly a controlling and nasty person. They may have planned to go to the lake for days/weeks/months and because he's driving he's decided to change his mind about going. There's no way this behaviour is a first from him. Filming her so he can ridicule his own wife, disgusting. His words are as if he's sweet, his actions are psycopathic. Unless you've been on the recieving end of being psychologically mucked with, don't judge her.


as a woman who has just come out of an abusive and controlling relationship, this doesnt sit well with me at all. Yes, the woman 'could' be crazy and very immature, however we have no idea how the man egged her on, made false promises, he may have physically restrained her in the car, told her they were going, then driven somewhere else. (eg i was going to go out for a coffee with a friend - he offered to drop me off, then drove straight past the coffee place, saying i wasnt allowed to go) - ive only ever screamed like that after being physically abused and controlled - and again, my ex would LOVE that reaction and immediately become calm and manipulative, just like in that video. They do it to get the reaction, and they love the reaction. Two sides to every story.
Gaslighting - google it.


I can't imagine ever acting like that! If I were a guy I would have done the same thing that Jim did! She gives women a bad name making men think that all women act like that! So what he decided that he didn't want to go to the lake. If it was that big of a deal, she could have went by herself....then she would have been happy, although alone, at the dang lake that she was so worried about not getting to go to!

@ Amber

Then that makes you a stone cold heartless cunt! Male or female.


Well I dont know her story but If I were a guy I would run away from her no matter what the story was..if she cant sit her ass down and screaming for cigarettes I can only imagine how would she act in other situations. .she might be pretty but her attitude makes her fugly..


You should've seen her Facebook before this incident... She's been bashing and bullying him for a long time. He finally stood up for himself and now women want to bash him. It's funny how women have all these privileges yet want to be equals. Women don't actually want to be equals to men they really want all the power. They want to beat on a man but not let him defend himself. If a man through a temper tantrum like that they would immediately disown a man for acting like a 2yr old but bc its a woman it's alright.

@ Stephen

Read the comments Mr. MRA...lots of women are commenting against her behavior. Go whine somewhere else.

@ Tori

I can see you're definitely a feminist. When a man points out obvious double standards, it's not whining honey. It's a fact that feminism has ruined society and it's getting what it wanted, which is female supremacy. These fucking double standards and hypocrisy leads to broken homes, where any children and the men are the losers. Be happy for the empty victories, cause men everywhere are sick of you big babies. 2 tits and a vag isn't going to exempt you from anything.

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