Trayvon Martin's Parents Speak on Verdict: Do They Forgive George Zimmerman?

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Trayvon Martin's parents, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton, spoke out this morning for the first time about last weekend's George Zimmerman verdict.

Tracy Martin told Today's Matt Lauer:

"We felt in our hearts that we were going to get a conviction. We thought that the killer of our unarmed child was going to be convicted of the crime that he committed."

Added Fulton, "I think (the legal system) failed Trayvon to a certain degree. I think we let the process take its course. We didn't get the verdict that we were looking for."

"Our focus has continued to change. First it was for the arrest, then it was for a conviction. So now we've moved on to a different focus, but yes, I think we were disappointed."

Martin then added, "I just didn't understand how can you let the killer of an unarmed child go free. What would your verdict have been had it been your child?"

"There's no winners in this case. It's just I want them to put themselves in our shoes."

Fulton noted that the verdict sends "a terrible message to other little black and brown boys that you can't walk fast, you can't walk slow, so what do they do?"

"How do you get home without people knowing or either assuming that you're doing something wrong? Trayvon wasn't doing anything wrong."

As for whether or not Trayvon's parents can ever forgive Zimmerman, Martin simply said, "I think that the forgiveness is like a healing process."

"Forgiveness takes time. The Bible says that you have to forgive and forget, but the healing process is a long process and the forgiving process is a long process."

What do you think of the Zimmerman verdict? Did the jury get it right?


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Anybody notice how well the parents have cleaned up??? The mother didn't even raise the kid; now, they are chummy chummy and look all pretty after getting $$$$ from the apartment complex!! And why was the complex liable for damages? Because they had bushes for the kid to hid in and ambush George? REally? They got a cool million to split. Sure have got some new rags to wear when they are cryin the blues----All of those pretty pretty family pictures being shown on TV, Now do you believe they were such a happy family? Skittless? Big deal, probably had the munchies. George didn't break the law by following him, it began when he was assaulted! Oh yea, and they now have a "TRAVON MARTIN FOUNDATION!!" OMG, I can't go on. They want their 15 min; and they got it, now they need to just go shopping and shut up

@ jean brooks

Ever noticed how a girl or boy will be by your side until something better comes along? That's what you have here.. The liberal media does not give 2 shits about the Martins. Evidentially their lawyers don't either. In front of a camera is the last place they or a juror or obama needs to be in regards to talking about this case! The EVIDENCE! THE EVIDENCE WAS NOT THERE! The DOJ have opened up a email address for anyone that has ANYTHING on Zimmerman! There should be no doubt as to why young people are so disillusioned in todays world because the adults are living with the thought (if I don't get my way) then I will get it anyway I can. It's a witch hunt that should be taking place in Chicago. If Martin was white would Obama be on TV pissing and moaning- I think not! By the time the protest are over and god knows how much hell will take place it will only add fuel to the fire. It's a travesty when a juror can't even show their own face. This is AMERICA where your innocent until CHARGED! At least thats what the Liberal media does! The country is in disarray and I can't believe it took this long. It was bound to happen. They could hang Zim from the highest tree but blacks will continue to kill each other every single day- with a population of 13%.

@ jean brooks

My dear Jean Brooks, I am not sure of the particulars surrounding this case, as it pertains to this mother and fathers personal life but what I do know is that if it was their decision to have Travon's father raise him, which I believe mom made the decision to send him to his father after she felt he was in need of a father's instruction and guidance, it is a decision that two sound parents made for the betterment of their child and I can respect that. If they are clean it is because they are intelligent enough to understand that going on television for an interview calls for one to present themselves accordingly, in another venue perhaps when they were out advocating for their son at different gatherings I certainly don't expect for them to be in a suit or suit/tie. Every family, both yours and mine all have their ups and downs but I gotta tell you for the black families after all that we have endured as a civilization we have a foundation of Love for all mankind that is immeasurable. I can sit here and say that I Love you Jean as a black, "African-American" woman I love you why because I understand you, I understand that it is not your fault that your heart is indifferent towards others, you only know what you were taught and then when you got of "age" you didn't perhaps choose to go to college or pursue a better way of life so that you can choose better words to express how you feel? But it's never too late to make a change my dear Jean, never too late.




Oh my Joy, my heart cries for you. You know, the name your parents or someone gave you means that somebody wanted you to have some "Joy" in your life and you know my dear Joy, the "Joy" of the Lord can be your strength. I hope you find some peace which can only come from you turning from that which is evil and choosing that which is good. Your words represent a misinformed person who has experienced quite a bit of pain in her life, even writing in all-caps tells me you are yelling these vicious words from the top of your soul and spirit not knowing that you are choking on your own words and ultimately dying on the choke of your own blood. Choose Joy this day whom you will serve, turn from the evil and wicked ways of your forefathers and choose Life by choosing that which is good. We good Black people Love you and we pray for your peace and your salvation and strength. God Bless and keep you.


We all know what's going on with the senetic and negro problem . But, demestic enemies have infiltrated governemnt and are paralyzing our nation !!!! Of course these black people should hang their heads in shame at have a son that would viciously and sadistically attack an adult trying to kill him ... The defianceof these "people" is consistent with the attitude of a criminal , primitive savage race .

@ Bobby

Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, It appears you might have pulled out the dictionary? Well, that was good, unfortunately "intelligent" words does nothing for a hard heart. The African American or "Black" race have every right to share this beautiful earth/land with the caucasian or "white' race as does the "asian" "lationo" and other beautiful races, the earth is the Lord's an the fullness thereof and they that dwell within it. Accept the fact that we are here to stay, and we will continue to grow strong and are chosen to preserve the nation. We Love all nations of people and you know what even after these words you have spoken against us we still love you and we can say if we saw you on the street choking we'd try to save your life, not that my dear Bobby is a good race of people who shall always hold our heads high as we praise the God of heaven and earth for blessing us with hearts that Love and do not walk in hatred. If the AA is criminal it is due to the hate our forefathers were taught as our women were raped by the white race and baby cut out from their stomachs, as we were taken from our own with the idea of making us into savage beasts but we overcame them by the blood of the Lamb and the words of our testimony and today we walk in victory and in strength oh dear bobby you haven't seen nothing yet of what will become of the black race, you haven't seen nothing yet. Oh, what will you do when you find out that your daughter and sons both LOVE the beauty of an AA man/woman and desire them instead of their own race, oh bobby what will you do?

@ Lynn123

Personally I would show them the door.Love? It's often mistaken for sex. Blacks love to have that trophy white girl. It's a notch in their belt. They no more give a damn about that white girl than they do about a black girl. That's the reason that 70% of black women are raising their kids on their own- NO ACCOUNTABILTY. Young white girls could very well be the most ignorant of all females. They actually fall for the line that says- you wanna fu* k and if you don't then you are prejudice and GOD knows the weak white would rather be known as a murderer than racist. Bottom line- young white women are weak and the weak- they get left behind. Blacks are just as welcome marring in to a white family as the reversal and that means they are seldom welcome. You've heard it's once you go black? It's because you can't go back! Guilt is for the weak minded. By racial kids have no real identity. It's not my opinion it's a fact.


if they do there is money involved.............ALOT, folks!!


Former NBA star Charles Barkley says he watched the trial everyday and the jury got it right. He also said the most profound truth- THE MEDIAS HANDS ARE NOT CLEAN. He says black & white have a hidden agenda and it's obvious they do. The media is the real villain in all this. They exploited people in this who trial. Nancy (bitch) Grace gets on TV a 1/2 hour after verdict and those alligator tears were flowing. As she wiped the tears from her fake eyelashes she then says that the Martin family didn't even have time to get back in the courtroom before the verdict. 10 minutes later on another channel the Martin lawyer said it was best the weren't in there. This is what I'm talking about. Nancy Grace is a God damn liar just like the rest of the liberal media. They make up the news and their agenda is for everyone to blame it on conservatives so the liberals can rule everything. This is a sorry state of affairs we are in and it all starts with who's in front of the camera. It's shameful.

@ Sal

It's arrogance and I agree. I just think television is evil now, so I rather read the papers. Kudos to you, Sal.


There have been at least 15 documented violent,black on white attacks since the verdict..keep it up and the skinheads will [robably be out in force and then you'll really have a problem you racist black scumbags.Gotta love the double standards.White america is only going to put up with your sh!t for so long before the dam bursts...time to get smart.


These comments are the sort of thing that bring out the true heart of a person. Your language, your choice of words reveal who you are and right here I see men who when they heard that a young "black" child was shot and killed by a "caucasian" "latino" what I see is "caucasian" "white" men (based on your words), I see you in your living room, in your bedroom jumping up and down yelling "lynch" him, "kill him" I see you reverting back to your great, great, great, great grandparents in the days of slavery, I can see you throwing the stones, I can see you turning on the water hose, I can see see you raping the black woman, I can see you hanging the black man, the black woman from a tree and lighting them on fire, I see you cutting the baby you made with the black woman out of her stomach, I see you setting the black man/woman on fire and laughing about it with your friends, I see you and so does God, see your heart, your thoughts, your mind-set but you know what I forgive you, my black, african-american forefathers were strong and brave and they instilled in us LOVE something no one can ever take away from us and God blessed us with Forgiveness of the heart after all that we, our people have endured we still accept you into our circle of friends and treat you with Love, respect and dignity no matter how much you hate us, and we will keep growing strong and brave - Obama as the first black president is just the beginning - eyes have not seen and ears have not heard whats in store for the black man and woman yes in these United States of America, we will teach you how to love!


Yep keep doing the tv circut and raking in the dough! Its all about the--------------->$ for these folks and its obvious.


It's a shame this boy died but in the aftermath of his death it surfaces the hatred for whites. The protesting in Houston as they walked across a Freeway should be criminal. Quanell X who once said (if you see any good white people you should kill them) lead this march. A march which held up traffic including a mother stranded as she was rushing her daughter to the ER and she almost died in the car. I don't think whites really understand how much they are disliked. The resentment on a daily basis is thick. To overlook the Genocide in Chicago so they can focus on the white shooter which was later to be found white/ hispanic is unbelievable. The media blew this thing up and the media practically guaranteed a guilty verdict and still the media blames conservatives for not caring about blacks. This case was tried in the Media from start to finish and that is why the people are so pissed. The media is using blacks and others as pawns for their own political agenda. They serve the blacks someone to hate. Has the Media, Holder, Obama made this into a "WHITES MUST PAY" century.?

@ Mark

I saw footage of that! A grandmother was trying to take her granddaughter to the hospital because of an allergic reaction to medication. They had traffic blocked. A black guy was beating on her windshield as she pleaded for help then he reached into grab her. Freaking animals. No wonder people feel the way they do. It's sick and it's pitiful. Blacks want coverage- they got it.


I'm certain the families of the 2 OJ murdered felt the same way. OJ had cuts and OJ had a motive, still not guilty. What's right and wrong is not important in a courtroom. It's what you can prove. They overcharged Zimmer and they came up empty. For anyone who says there were no blacks on the jury that's like saying a black would have voted in favor of Martin for certain and of course that in itself would be racist.