Selena Gomez: I Am NOT Dating Justin Bieber

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Let the speculation end, THGers. And let teenage girls around the world celebrate and fantasize:

Selena Gomez is not dating Justin Bieber!

The singer makes her single status as clear as can be in a new interview with Ryan Seacrest, answering a question about Bieber directly and shooting down talk that she's taken him back under the condition that he stop acting like a douchebag.

Watch Selena respond to the relationship rumor now:


I think Justin and her make a totes adorbs couple..but thts my opinion, she can run her life how she wants 2


Good girl! Stay far away from Bieber!!


no, she's in love with me.

@ abe

hahaha, yeah, in her nightmares. Picture this Abe, you effin loser, Selena wakes up quickly in the middle of the night, heart racing, short of breath, covered in a clammy sweat, and suddenly realizes it was all a horrible nightmare. She had been dreaming that some unemployed and uneducated THG commenter was her boyfriend.

@ abe

In her nightmares!

@ Why?

Why are you not dating Justine Beiber he's cute!


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