Justin Bieber Promises to Stop Being D-Bag, Reconciles with Selena Gomez

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They've been back, they've been forth and now they are apparently together again... with a major catch.

Sources confirm that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber ARE back together, as evidenced by the photo of the couple on July 4, the date on which Bieber allegedly made a promise to Gomez:

He would stop acting like such a douchebag.

  • Selena Gomez on July 4
  • Justin Bieber Sings for Fans

Ever since the pair split in late 2012, Bieber's behavior has noticeably changed.

He's driven around recklessly (a lot), he's got into screaming matches with his neighbors, he's peed into mop buckets and cursed off Bill Clinton.

Selena has looked down on the young man Justin has become, but he finally convinced his fellow artist last week that he could change his ways.

According to TMZ, she believes him and Jelena is most definitely a go once more.

Can the pretty singer tame his yearning-to-be-wild heart? Or will the Wild Boyz and overall bros-before-hos philosophy win out? You tell us, THGers:

Do you think there's a real future for Bieber and Gomez?


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oh my god she still dating him and he still cute

@ kearha

i dont know why selna is with justin hes a jerk


Justin Bieber was a cute, harmless kid. Now, he is a cool, out-of-control man. Honestly, I like him more than I did.




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I think Justin bieber is going thru his vanilla ice phase.so selena keep thinking with ur heart and not with ur brain.ur a female u no deep down whats reality and garbage.no mAtter how much money garbage makes cuz that shit dnt matter.well it does at times but this matter doesn't.u have money and its hard to find someone that loves u for u cuz ur famous but I'm sure he.will come thru or just ask ur higher power to send u ur angel from above.


If she has gone back to him it won't last he's totally out of control to the point of no return. Selena is a good singer and right now has a good career going stay with douche bag and all that is going down the tube for her. I never had much of an opinion of him until lately and it didn't take long to see he's just a spoil ass brat that has no respect for himself or anyone else. Honestly it doesn't matter when he pissed in that bucket the fact is what does matter is that was in a kitchen and it was straight up nasty. That causes way to many health issues not to mention the health department closing the restaurant over his bullshit game. NO I'm not a hater on him I just simply don't like him.


It is such a shame some of these kids cannot handle stardom in a positibe manner. I pray for many of them who change and not for the better. I hope this young man can BE the best he can be for his sake.

@ Erma

I think that if Justin doesn't get away from his wild buddies who are a bad influence on him he'll be back to acting like them again. I seriously think that promising Selena that he'll change is a lot of B.S. There's no way he is going change with those guys around him. Why he became friends with them in the first place is beyond me. Maybe them introduced him to drugs and showed him how to act like them.

@ Erma

I totally agree with you. It is a shame they get totally out of control. I pray for them too.


I hope they make it but more importantly I hope Bieber can quit being an ass.


I believe JB n SG should b back 2gether 4ever n ever.