Rihanna Fined $47K For Skipping Deposition

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Rihanna just pulled a Lindsay Lohan. No, not torpedoing her own career with felony charges and crippling addiction. Just flaking on a lawsuit deposition.

The superstar's ex-accountants have been trying to depose her for a long time. Rihanna claims they mismanaged her money and owe her millions.

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The accountants say Rihanna's at fault, and that she's been blowing off the deposition repeatedly, costing them massive sums in attorneys' fees.

As a result, the firm asked the judge to punish the star. The judge agreed, fining Rihanna a not-so-small amount of $47,050 for their legal bills.

On top of that, Rihanna was ordered to sit for a deposition once and for all August 28. If she doesn't show up, he might dismiss her claim altogether.

Question is whether she's too busy taking Rihanna nude photos to care.


My aunty husband is an accountant at a bank, and is very rich, now I have started giving him the side eye, I learn that they steal a lot, because they know how to play with numbers (math).


Accountants knows how to fake numbers and take their share. One day I will be an accountant and all my worries will be over. for ever million, hundred thousand will be put in my back pocket.


She is very busy with her world tour, are they blind? can't they not see? These accounts are thieves, all they do steal money from people.

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