Myla Sinanaj Sex Tape: Hitting the Market!

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First, she slept with Kim Kardashian's man.

Now, she wants Kim Kardashian's career.

Myla Sinanaj - the woman who slept with Kris Humphries soon after he split with his wife of 72 days - has come right out and admitted to TMZ: She made a sex tape... and she's darn proud of it!

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"I may not like Kim, but she was smart and she's sexy and I look a lot like her," Sinanaj told TMZ. "So why not make a tape and make millions and get a reality show?"

Why not indeed!

Like Farrah Abraham, Sinanaj filmed her amateur porn at the Vivid studios and will be cooperating fully with its release. She even did the nasty with a Humphries lookalike!

"I had a blast that weekend with someone I was attracted to and had chemistry with," Myla says matter-of-factly.

Will the untitled film go the way of the Kim Kardashian sex tape and make Sinanaj a star? Or will it flame out like the naked efforts of so many other Z-listers, such as SueLyn Medeiros and Karissa Shannon and others?

And will you watch the Myla Sinanaj sex tape?



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Myla Sinanaj Sex Tape: Hitting the Market!
I ain't get no doubt it's the best thing i saw


I wonder how many copies of Myla Sinanaj Sex Tape were spread?!
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The vid is HQ which makes me happy

Wain wrighttownsley

she is not like Kim but she does everything like Kim ))) goes on Kim's steps. Really they look like one another but if she wants to be as popular as Kim she will need to make somethng unreal in her sex tape... soon we will see.. i havve found only some information here but i am waiting for a video )))


Myla u are nothing like Kim K. U intentionally made a sex tape to sell to Vivid and they paid u 15,000. Kim K got paid millions for the tape made with her then boyfriend Ray J. Myla u didn't get the memo U Are Not Gorgeous Like Kim and no one wants to see u and by the way Kim K's family already had the show Keeping up with the Kardashians way before the tape was released stupid.

@ jules

Actually they didn't because she talked about the sex tape the first season in the first of shows. It came out before the show and did help her career. By this myla chick needs to sit her thirsty ass down she is shameful


She's a pathetic "single white female". She has been obsessed with Kim for quite some time. She is so desperate to move in the same circles as Kim. Kris screwed her over by conning her that he would stay with her if she didn't show her texts, tweets, and emails to Kim during his bitter divorce with Kim, He was also bribing her with expensive handbags, shoes, and and a Mercedez. The minute divorce was finalized he dumped her. She only got paid $15,000 for the porn tape. She would have gotten a hell of a lot more if she sold her story and tweets, texts, and emails to the tabloids.


I feel sorry for Myla, no one is interested in her and they won't be with a sex tape.

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