Marley Lion Murder Case Draws Trayvon Martin Comparisons, Questions Over Police Action

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The murder of Marley Lion, also from 2012, is drawing comparisons to the Trayvon Martin case and putting the spotlight on police action and media attention.

Marley Lion Photo

Lion was killed in Charleston, S.C., on June 16, 2012.

Police found him lying on the ground outside his Nissan Pathfinder, bleeding to death. Before dying he told police that two African-American males approached him.

One of them, Lion said, shot him several times.

The Charleston Police Department said they came across the suspects when one of them tried to sell the gun that had been used in Marley’s murder.

Four arrests were eventually made in the case.

Trayvon Martin was killed because George Zimmerman assumed he was up to no good in the Sanford, Fla., community where he was staying.

Although Zimmerman and his family members have said race was not a component of the case, critics believe that Martin was profiled based on his appearance.

There were no such racial overtones in Marley Lion’s murder.

Ryan Deleston, a 30-year-old black man charged Lion’s murder, was reportedly planning to rob a nearby bar when he came across Lion instead.

Lion’s murder also brought a swift investigation and charges, while police released Zimmerman the night of the shooting, deeming it was self-defense.

While he was eventually charged, he pleaded not guilty, and the not guilty George Zimmerman verdict sparked debate and outcry across the U.S.

Last week, a leader of the Charleston branch of the NAACP weighed in.

“In the case of Marley Lion, there was an immediate search for the killer, fairly rapid apprehension, rapid action," said Rev. Joseph Darby.

"With Trayvon Martin, police were aware of the killing, but there was no charge before the national pressure. I think the reason the Martin case made national news was the inaction in Florida.”

“On the one hand, they were two young men who minding their own business when it occurred. On the other hand, I think the problem in the Trayvon case is that the aftermath was different.”

Dot Scott, Charleston’s NAACP president, said the difference in police action highlights exactly why the Trayvon Martin case was so noteworthy.

She said investigators “did what they should have done” after the murder of Marley Lion, but that “doesn’t happen the same way with the life of a black child.”

Do you agree? Or is this entirely circumstantial? Comment below.


Zimmerman is the white O.J Simpson black people feel the way white people felt during that case. I feel for the families of any of these since less killings. I'm black and I personally have had friends die at the hands of other blacks that have never been convicted stories that will never make the news. Sensationalism sells papers and keep you glued to the TV. It's good to be informed but don"t empower bigotry by getting angry about yesterdays headlines because tomorrow they will have something else for you to be angry about there were 500 gang related murders in Chicago last year and most of them children and a lot of innocent bystanders killed but thats not news worthy. I embrace the brotherhood of all men and I think instead of arguing about who got away with what lets change our perception of each other by saying no child deserves to die and how can we change the way we think to keep this from happening anywhere...

@ Ernest

Thank you Ernest


The difference is that Marley was murdered and Trayvon was killed as a result of self defense.It was self defense that night and still is today.


I read about Marley Lion , his parents can rest because justice will be served. Trayvon Martin parents cannot rest because justice was not served. Are the people that are comparing actually reading what happened or are they comparing color and age but totally two different kinds of crimes. Marley was sleep and killed for a since less robbery and they will serve time. Trayvon was killed after his attacker called 911 and was told to stand down. Zimmerman was a want to be cop and knew what he was doing and Trayvon was walking to his home not Zimmerman's home. God will have the last word with Zimmerman. Marley Lion's parents got justice. Trayvon Martin parents got no justice.BIG difference ...White people get justice...Black people have to Protest for JUSTICE. The system is very racially divided. Because of hatred.There are more white on white crimes committed than black crimes on whites difference black crimes make MEDIA headlines. We as American's must help change the system regardless of race. CRIME IS CRIME...

@ YesIam

Trayvon's parents may not rest with his passing, but the rest of society can, the kid was a useless thug. If you don't like white justice, go to Africa and see what kind of justice you receive there, black countries wouldn't tolerate black crime like white countries do.

@ YesIam

dirty nigger got what he deserved


ban the naacp


I personally believe George Zimmerman got away with murder, that being said, I am a white middle aged female that sees racism everyday and the city where I live, wouldn't even be considered a big city. You don't have to be White to be a racist, Black people are some of the biggist racist I know and they make the most noise, that's why we always hear more about it. They always make sure it is brought to the attention to whoever is going to give it the most publicity. I think it was wrong that Zimmerman got to leave the 1st night without having to spend the night in jail, I don't care what kind of record the other person had he was still killed by a white man that had a habit of staking black males in his community. This other poor young man was doing nothing more than sitting in his car minding his own business. The 2 black guys that murdered him were trying to sell the weapon to get rid of evidence, there is a difference there. It would have been the same as far as I'm concerned if the young man in the truck had been black and the other 2 had been white, he was murdered for sitting in his car. In general white people are mainly out for justice , Black people for publicity.

@ Mary Gillaspie

Keep in mind, George Zimmerman is a Hispanic Jew, not a white male.


@Barbwalker.. True enough blacks do act a fool in public.. But it's never a MASS MURDER involving blacks I'm public.. We are afraid of whites just as whites are of blacks.. U never hear about blacks shooting up elementary schools (Sandy Hook), high schools (Columbine), movie theaters, blowing up government buildings (Okc bombing) etc.. Hell we thinc y'all are just as crazy as any gang member.. But point is when a black kill a white there is justice.. I betcha every black that killed a white person either got LWOP or death.. Not all whites who kill blacks go to prison.. Hell it'scongressmen that were once members of the KKK.. And i know they've killed a few blacks.. Ijs

@ cue doyle

You 'know' they've killed a few blacks, why, because of their KKK membership? Isn't that that evil 'racial profiling' blacks always whine about? Racist bigot.


The uproar over Trayvon Martin is because he was killed by a white man. How many white people have been killed by blacks? The blame for people being afraid of black teens/men lays with the black teens/men who break laws, hurt people, rob, steal, or intimidate. I am confident in saying that you can walk in any mall in America at any time and find black teens/men hanging around the entrances or walking through the mall bullying people, acting nasty, and being loud. They are exactly the reason whites are automatically afraid of them and feel the need to defend themselves when accosted. The many celebrities, NAACP, and others continuing to demand justice for Trayvon Martin are just looking for attention. The only people who can make an informed decision about his guilt or innocence are the people who sat in the courtroom and heard all the evidence and were given instructions about how the law was interpreted related to this case.

@ barbwalker

He was Mexican, not white
But I guess because race is an issue to you everyone that's not black is white?

@ Jakka

He was Peruvian NOT Mexican...I wish people would stop labeling all Hispanics as Mexican.

@ Knowledge is power

Ironic, as the misinformation you try to correct is a correction of a false image of GZ as a white male.


Two completely different stories


Apples and Oranges. Lion was gunned downed by criminals involved in a criminal act. Trayvon was gunned down by a coward, cop wanna-be that was getting his as kicked by a 17 year old. If Zimmerman hadn't had that gun, he would have never got out of his vehicle. His ONLY balls were that pistol.


Ugh just make it stop i'm sick of hearing about the Trayvon/Zimmerman case.

@ Jennifer

So disappear you no how to do that don't you

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