Robert Zimmerman Jr.: Race "Wasn't An Element" in Trayvon Martin Trial

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George Zimmerman's brother, Robert Zimmerman Jr., has echoed his lawyers' sentiments that race was not a factor in the Trayvon Martin trial.

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Robert, who acted as the family spokesman throughout the trial, said he's received numerous threats in the two days since the George Zimmerman verdict.

"They're on my Twitter feed," he said. "I get hate emails saying 'I wish someone would blow up your family with grenades' [and] 'I will find you on the streets."

"That's just [at me] ... there's no way, really, to direct those threats at George, I guess because he doesn't have right now a social media presence."

"It's a reality that some people don't respect this verdict and think they want to take justice into their own hands," he said of his brother's situation.

As for his thoughts on the racial component of the case, he echoed the defense team's assertion that race "wasn't an element," and blamed the media.

"NBC had a lot to do with pushing that narrative," he said.

George Zimmerman reportedly plans to sue over NBC's editing of a 911 call that made it sound as though he were profiling Martin.

NBC, Robert said, is to blame for making the public think "George called the police to report a person who was suspicious because he's black," he said.

Asked whether he ever questions his brother's decision to shoot during the fatal confrontation of February 26, 2012, Zimmerman said "absolutely not."

"I never have a moment where I think that my brother may have been wrong to shoot," he told NPR. "And I think it's not really important what I think."

"It's important what the jury thinks and what the jury found."

The jury found George Zimmerman not guilty of murder, which his family believes proves another narrative fostered by the media is simply false:

Martin was "unarmed" just because he didn't have a gun.

"He used a sidewalk against my brother's head," he said.

George Zimmerman trial: Was the verdict correct?


Your Media has been lying to you all along. That painted George a racist and not one shred of evidence has proved it. The prosecution said George hunted him and the evidence doesn't show that, he was headed back to his car! THC was found in the kids bloodstream and the Media tells you that weed doesn't make you aggressive but they don't tell you weed makes you PARANOID. The case is over and all this crying makes you look racist. You people have put your faith in the worst possible people- THE MEDIA!

@ Racist taking to the streets

do you have this evidence because i missed that when they said Zimmerman was walking back to his car no one was there to see that.But yes Zimmerman is a racist based on the evidence they do have of him calling Trayvon a coon and then his brother went on a racist tantrum with the n-word and saying you black this and that we dont like you so yes there family is a racist one

@ leah

You stupid b*tch, have you been in a coma for the last year? Coon- that part of the tape was dealt with long ago and found out that it was PUNKS he said. You idiot! What the defense really wanted was the cell phone record of Martin explains how a hit in the nose needs to be the 1st punch. CRACKER as Martin said - THAT IS RACIST!


Just funny how he says "they want to take the law into their own hands" yet that's exactly what his brother did!


This family suffers from an identity crisis, especially since Robert is Jewish and Hispanic; his adopted, half-brother is Pure Hispanic, with a name change to appear, "Caucasian"; Mother, a Naturalized, Peruvian Hispanic; and Dad and Adopted Dad, is a Jewish, Sitting Judge, living in a prestigious world of denial and assimilation. However, Georgie is now going to REALLY to learn the REALITY OF WHO HE IS NOW, AS A MINORITY... I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL HE LEARNS THE REALITY OF BIAS, PREJUDICE, RACISM, AND DISCRIMINATION... AND YOU THOUGHT OJ WAS HATED...

@ MamaJack824

OJ is still hated! OJ had a motive! OJ was found to commit domestic abuse on the same woma! This is not the same thing.

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