Kristen Stewart: Silky and Lacy for Paris Fashion Show

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Take this, Robert Pattinson?

Amidst rumors (since shot down) that her ex-boyfriend was dating her ex-colleague (RIley Keough), Kristen Stewart celebrated the 4th of July by attending the Zuhair Murad fashion show in Paris.

And looking darn sexy while doing so!

The actress rocked a black silk and lace jumpsuit from the designer's collection, staring into the camera with her typical seriousness on the red carpet.

Compare it below to her biker chic outfit from earlier in Paris Fashion Week:

Kristen Stewart Sheer Outfit
Kristen Stewart with Lace

What do you think of this look on Kristen Stewart?


Come one people.. she's really beautiful.. just check out some of her old photos.. But this outfit!!! ghrrr.. I think she just goes to a store and gets whatever's hanging there.. I don't think anyone would feel pretty in this outfit and I don't get how she does!?!?! just fire your stylist (if ever there was one)! Latest outfits are total crap!


I have to be honest. She does look better now than she did when she was with Robert Pattinson.


she is just not pretty at all. don't think she would get a second look if she were not famous. I do not like her, she is a tramp and I am so happy for Robert. he doesn't know how lucky he is to be rid of her. his new girlfriend is beautiful.


she looks alot better than before!,she looked stoned and hasnt got enough sleep,puffy eyes before but this pic is gr8t for some reason!


I am sorry but that hair is terrible. I do not understand her appeal


Elle vit à Paris avant le spectacle. Elle est tout à fait apparence sale et mal-kempt. J'ai don ' t sais pourquoi elle est si célèbre !


I feel like she's just becoming more beutiful after her split with robert pattinson! You go girl!


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@ zavecefutor32

are you blind she ALWAYS looks like she is on drugs its sad she is so ugly and looks like to took a homeless crack head off the street and put them in expensive clothes and did her makeup ewww

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