Kim Kardashian Baby Makes Public Debut on Kris?

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She's here, folks.

Following weeks of speculation and rumors regarding when Kim Kardashian baby photos may hit the Internet, Kris Jenner went ahead and bypassed that step this morning...

... but debuting little North West live and in person on the first episode of her talk show!

North West Photo?

Yes, Jenner turned up the PR machine to full, exploitive blast by posting the above photo on the official Facebook page of Kris this morning.

"You never know who will stop by our show today! #WatchKris," read the caption, taking full ratings advantage of the host's granddaughter.

UPDATE: Looks like this was just a pathetic fake out on Jenner's part.

Jenner also made an especially awkward, scripted entrance to kick off the program, with Khloe Kardashian sitting in the front row and feeding her mom a line to get things underway.

Watch the opening now:


I wonder how many copies of Kim Kardashian Sex Tape were spread?!
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Kim Kardashian Baby Makes Public Debut on Kris?
Now tell me it's not real!
Have fun


so when do we get to see kim baby face???

@ margarita

When ever Kim feels like putting north west's picture of her face


To Brizzy.ur funny keep it upp


To dizzy.ur funny keep it upp


Dear old hag *cause seriously its your plastic surgery is the only thing that is keeping up with this Kardashian* The world waited in anticipation for the "Northern Exposure" and there you go "faking" it for the camera, you taught your daughters well :p You will never be Oprah, cause every talk show host aspires to be just like her look at Tyra Banks she came close-ish... Wendy Williams got you beat and I swear I thought she was a man for the first year and still I think she is but anywho it doesn't matter you will never come close to any of these stars. Family exploits are now what we call reality TV and you already have a show so please don't pollute our airwaves with your maniacal nonsense. At least Jerry Springer had the thoughts of the day what will be your thoughts of the day???
"If you want to succeed you must sell yourself out, look how successful my daughters are and all they had to do was seduce a rich man and one of them finally agreed to be taped, sex sells, sex tapes fly off the shelves" I shudder to think people follow your "wisdom".... What is this world coming too... Krazy Kardashians life and happiness are for real people :)

Gaia flower

ya know, i HAVE NEVER seen that show bc then i would hate them, i dont like hating.


back in the days, there were no reality shows until they came up with one.. then followed by the others... and another ones... which have been poisoned the minds of our society for over a decade.. THIS HAS TO STOP!!


@Geronimo I don't know why U are commenting on anything that I said and secondly I trying to understand why people feel like Kris shouldn't have her grand child on her show cuz the Kardashians are a family and how they chose to do things is their business and I personally didn't watch the show cuz I have a life and for all of those so concerned who appears on Kris show should get a show of their own and that way they can have exactly who they want to see on their own show


Jesus! Why isn't Kim holding the little girl,already the GRANDMA is trying to make a BIG SPLASH with that baby. I feel soo sorry for little North already.Gestapo Kris, is trying to be the STAR again off the grandchild now.


Her show was horrible. It was just as bad as Khloe's attempt as host. She was just inappropriate in every way. Most of the show was about Kim and she wasn't their. These no marks have made friends in high places and they keep getting chances whereas a more deserving person will never have their opportunities. Most of the audience were her friends, family, and staff. They even strategically spread them out but camera man would span to them deliberately.Just a bad show.

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