Justin Bieber Stanley Cup Photo Draws Wrath of Hockey Fans

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Compared to urinating into a mop bucket, the following image isn't a big deal.

But it's drawing the major ire of hockey fans around the nation.

The owner of the Chicago Blackhawks recently posted a photo on Twitter of Justin Bieber posing alongside the Stanley Cup, the most iconic trophy in professional sports.

Justin Bieber with the Stanley Cup

Considering The Biebs is Canadian, and is already considered by some to be a front runner (note this Miami Heat hat during an NBA Finals appearance), the image is causing some serious anger within the Twittersphere.

"Justin bieber touched the stanley cup... I'm gonna go jump off a cliff now," wrote one Twitter user.

"Aaaand now the Stanley Cup isn't cool anymore...thanks Bieber," added ESPN's SportsNation account, while many others consider this act a "disgrace."

Where do you stand on this picture? Do you mind that Bieber is posing with the Stanley Cup?


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Wow people are so arrogant. Who cares... Justin Bieber loves hockey he's a hockey fan, himself. Why is this so bad? A teen singer wanted to pose with the Stanley Cup and this is bad...why? Oh wait, it's not! I don't like Bieber so much, and I love hockey, and this doesn't bother me at all!


Give me a break. Anybody has the rights to pose with the trophy. Just because you don't like somebody or feel they are a goober or whatever, that doesn't really matter.


The stanley is the most iconic trophy?! Its not even close. Hockey is almost as bad as soccer

@ Ben

You obviously have never watched hockey and it is one of the most favored sports for men, (next to football) this trophy is very significant because there is only one. You sir are not a man


the stanley cup is for MEN only, why is this little prissy girl even in the same zip code as the cup?


The thing that gets me is the Hawk's jersey with "Bieber". Oi. Damn, he is ruining hockey

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