The Boxtrolls: Trailer and New Poster Released

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If you like the animation and story telling style of Laika Studios' Coraline and ParaNorman then you'll no doubt like their newest project, The Boxtrolls.

The premise of the new film is a little odd, which comes as no surprise to those of us who have followed Laika Studio's but this even seems weird for them. 

The Boxtrolls Poster

The Boxtrolls are a group of monsters that live under the streets of a town called Cheesebridge. They have been wrongly accused by the citizen of Cheesebridge of stealing young children and smelly cheese, a logical combination.

It is up to an orphan boy named Eggs, to clear the good name of the Boxtrolls. 

Check out The Boxtrolls teaser trailer after the jump!

Voiced by great names like Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Ben Kingsley, and Toni Collette and directed by Anthony Sttachi and Graham Annable, this movie looks, and sounds, adorable and will surely delight next fall.

The Boxtrolls is scheduled to open in theaters in September of 2014.

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