Justin Bieber Nightclub Accuser Files Police Report Over Alleged Spitting

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The DJ who claims Justin Bieber spit in his face inside of a nightclub in Ohio last week has hired a lawyer and filed a police report against the singer.

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The man behind the allegation, Addison Ulhaq, told police trouble began on July 13 when JB's security team thought he was taking pictures of the star.

Ulhaq, who's a junior at Ohio State University and a neuroscience major when he's not DJ'ing on the side, says he didn't snap ANY Justin Bieber pics.

JB didn't buy it, threatened his life and spit in his face, he claims.

The police report alleges that the victim, Addison, "stated that the suspect told him that 'His mother was a bitch, his father was a bitch and he is a bitch.'"

Addison's lawyers say Bieber's oral assault left saliva and mucus in Addison's eye, nose, and mouth ... and that he got tested for Hepatitis as a result.

The test was negative, but still ... rank.

The victim, according to the police report, also "stated that he does not want anything done at this time and just wants to document the incident."

It's unclear why the college student wished to document it unless he planned to file a lawsuit, which it certainly definitely looks like he will at this point.

No charges have been filed ... yet.

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i dont see any proof that Jb has spit on ulhaq'S face. I wouldn't believe he would do that. i just don't think he did


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As a proud Canadian I really am sick and tired of this little kids antics, he is so talented and was as I understand raised by a single mother. I too raised my son alone and he went through a "PHASE" but as he wasn't mentored by someone so cool as "Usher" I was allowed to kick his ass "pervebial speaking", this kids mom is so far out of his loop[, she should tell his manager too hit the highway, oops guess she didn't realize she lost control the minut she let these vipers , who she thought she could trust exploit him. nice photos on the boat hey whatever your loser managers name is did you supply the coke too? And don't you care that your latest no talent acts, Lil Twist and the nonames, wanna be's are f.....ing with your merchandise. White slavery much. To all the other actually smart people out there let's start a poll, if Justin Beiber will wind up like our other national talent treasure like the idiot manager would I am sure there is a large policy on his life. Say yes or just be an american leech.


thats what happens when young stars grow up they either become involved in drugs, full of themselves,feel too powerful ,or sewed because they have too much money for one person.


i suspect lil jb is on a slow roll down hill. if he cant pull it tofether.


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