Hospital Employees Fired for Accessing Records of Kim Kardashian

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Six people have been fired for illegally accessing the medical records of patients at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, with The Los Angeles Times reporting this weekend that Kim Kardashian was among those whose privacy was breached.

Kim Kardashian is Surrounded

The incidents reportedly took place between June 18 and June 24.

Kim, of course, gave birth to North West on June 15 and remained a patient for seven days as the premature baby was treated and evaluated.

Insiders tell TMZ that Kardashian family members were suspicious that some kind of records-related activity took place considering the details that leaked to the media.

Kim has been informed of this report and is happy to have the matter settled.

She is also pleased that those in the wrong were terminated.


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Hospital Employees Fired for Accessing Records of Kim Kardashian
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this is no surprise. ofcourse kim kardashian had to be involved in this scandal. i guess she is happy that some people have no employment. grow up!

@ careen

May be some people needs to keep their nose out of other peoples bussiness jerk!


why do I find it hard to believe that Kim had a hand in this scandal. I just feel that Kim has found another way to get attention. Just stop it Kim enough is enough.

@ momemar

Yeah! You americans are too jealous of your brothers and sisters! Everything has a motive! Kim was faking her pregnancy......... Now she is seeking attension........ You always wish bad things to happen to your people! Pathetic!

@ safia

Medical Privacy is the law. Kim has the right to it as everyone else.


good on u!u r so over!!o pliz u need!!JESUS!

@ Samuel+Laborial

Pray for others to be better! Do not declare they are over! Who are you to judge judas!


there is no turning back, she won't leave SoCal, folks.

@ abe

And you want her to leave so you could join? What a pity!


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