Farrah Abraham: Who is Trayvon Martin?!

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Farrah Abraham knows her way around a porn set, but has no idea who Trayvon Martin is, according to a new radio interview she gave this week.

Appearing on Matty P's Radio Happy Hour - also the show where Rae Dawn Chong ripped Oprah - Farrah was asked about the Martin situation.

"I feel like I've met her or something," Farrah blurted out. "It sounds so familiar ... I don't know what she is so I can't picture the person with the name right now."


In typical Farrah Abraham fashion, of course, she later said that OF COURSE she knew about the Martin case, but simply didn't hear the question.

The 22-year-old insisted she was perfectly aware of the George Zimmerman verdict last Saturday and the circumstances surrounding the case.

“Trayvon is not the only young adult killed for the reasons he was killed,” the porn star tells Radar, adding that “I do not wish to be part of this topic."

"I just would hope other young adults keep away from vandalism and dangerous areas and people. I wish Trayvon’s family all the best as they deal with their loss.”

Farrah Abraham, everybody. The more you know.

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She is so stupid i cant belive how stupid she is


She is so stupid everyone knows who is trayvon martin I can't believe how stupid she is I bet that host did not know what to say


U r a beautiful young lady follow your heart


Shes not good with names just Cocks..!!


Well played farrah ..either your a complete moron or a savvy genius ... I know where im placing my money


It's alright...she is only good for sex...and boy was she good!! Mmm-mmm :D


Who cares...its over with. How do you expect someone who is focused on making herself plastic to "stay famous" to know the struggles everyone else has. She cant even take care of her kid.


She obviously has cum stuck all in her ears...cum covering whats left in her brain stem. Im mean, come on!...she would have said..cum on (no pun intended). She cant help it..some people are dumb as dirt.


Farrah is about dum as a box of rocks did she say the same thing about her dead baby daddy


Farrah is about dum as a box of rocks did she say the same thing about her dead baby daddy