Desiree Hartsock & Brooks Forester: True Love on The Bachelorette? Or Misdirection?

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On a show as telegraphed as The Bachelorette, Desiree Hartsock's confession Monday that she's “in love with” Brooks Forester seemed to come out of left field.

The Bachelorette spoilers have hinted for months that she's been sweet on one guy from the start, and Brooks sure looks like he is in fact that guy.

But is it all a case of classic misdirection from the producers?

Desiree Hartsock and Brooks Forester Pic

While the obvious takeaway from Des' reveal to Chris Harrison was that Brooks is a lock to win, a contrarian view might suggest it's proof he does not.

Count former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky among that camp.

“I can't believe she actually told [Chris H] she's in love with Brooks! I know this sounds SO weird, but that fact that the editors left that in, makes me really think Brooks is NOT the one," she writes.

"Why would the producers show us this with so many episodes left?!?!”

It's an interesting theory. And based on teasers for the remainder of the season, it may not be off base, as there are a lot of tears left to be shed apparently.

Is it possible the L-Bomb was left in by ABC because Desiree Hartsock is heartbroken when Brooks doesn't reciprocate, and ends up alone in the end?

The other, albeit shocking possibility? It's a reality show being real.

Desiree loves Brooks, Desiree tells Chris she loves Brooks, Desiree tells Brooks she loves Brooks, and Brooks comes around by the end of the season.

Fedotowsky says that's certainly possibly ... but not a guarantee.

"If Des picks Brooks and we're witnessing the real love story," she says. "Then I couldn't be happier for them! Happy that the show is showing us the raw love story! And just happy in general!"

"I'm not saying the show is fake. It's not. I'm just saying the producers/editors try to keep us guessing up until the very last episode. Why would they give away the winner so soon?”

What do you think? Is Brooks Forester the one? Check out The Bachelorette spoilers link above (if you're into that), and then comment below!

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I've been a huge fan of Brooks up until July 15th! He needs to get a life.


She ends up with Brooks. Can't think why cause he does not seem as into her as she is into him.


This is one season where everyone would be better off if they just shut the show down, and let everybody go home ... ALONE. Bryden was the only person there with any sense, and he pulled out and left! Desiree has been a disappointment from get-go.

@ mike

Hey mike, you have the option to turn off your tv. Me, I think it's the best season ever. Desiree is REAL and an all around great person. These guys are not always fighting with each other, they actually respect the others (except for the few jerks). Besides, a man as hot and gorgeous and sensitive and deep and just plain SEXY as Brooks is NEXT to impossible to find.They make a beautiful couple.

@ bj

Brooks puts too much emphasis on his family! He listened to his brother tell him to picture life with Desiree completely gone and that is what I think he does. Brooks also said that all those romantic times with Des meant nothing compared to her visit in Utah - thanks a lot Brooks. I'm thinking he's not such a great catch after all.

@ sophia

I can't stand Brooks with his greasy mop of hair. Drew and Cris are so much nicer and cleaner looking.

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