Bachelorette Final Four: Can Anyone Stop Brooks Forester?

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The Bachelorette final four are set, but in the aftermath of Desiree Hartsock's surprising confession on last night's episode, is Brooks Forester a final rose lock?

If you've read any of The Bachelorette spoilers, you know she's been sweet on one guy from the get-go. Monday, that guy sure looked like Brooks.

The question is whether Chris Siegfried, Drew Kenney or Zak Waddell can pull off an upset - or if she sends them ALL home in the mother of all shockers.

While the promos have certainly hinted at that possibility, from what we know of Desiree Hartsock, it seems unlikely she'd pull a Kelly Taylor in the end.

She basically said last night that she sees Brooks in the end, but the others are in this for the right reasons as well. She's got to get engaged ... right?

How do you think it'll play out in the upcoming episodes? Check out the spoilers link above if you want to know, but either way, tell us: who do you want to win?

Who should Des pick of her top four on The Bachelorette?


Brooks is not bejng honest. He is not in love with this girl. Brooks is a model who could have anyone he wants, or so he thinks, (funny looking teeth) This man travels the world. He is a playboy. God lolol are u kidfj ng me. Lolol.


Desiree is a sweet girl but her taste in men is crazy. Chris is strange and Drew was the kid in school who more than likely had his lunch taken away all the time. Zak is just a little too "go get em" that could be very wearing on a person after a while. Then the one she actually picked BROOKS! CAN YOU SAY MODEL WHO WSNTS CAMERA TIME? OMG Let's see he wants to marry her like he wants to go to prison. What a bunch of total loosers this season. Come on Desiree start thinking with your head instead of your penis.


yes, absolutely.

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