Cory Monteith: A Pro at Work, A Problem in Canada

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It's no secret that Cory Monteith struggled with substance abuse.

He talked to Parade Magazine last year about fearing he would die at the age of 19 and he entered rehab in April.

However, sources confirm to TMZ that while the actor may have been dealing with issues in his personal life... they never affected him on the Glee set.

Cory Monteith  on the Red Carpet

The cast of the hit Fox show - most notably girlfriend Lea Michele - were aware of Monteith's demons and went out of their way to ensure he was clean and sober.

The star never appeared under any kind of influence during his years affiliated with the show, an insider says.

But it was a different story in Monteith's native Canada.

Friends in Vancouver reportedly fueled Cory's addiction, partying with the actor and often bringing drugs and alcohol along wherever they went.

The negative influence/pull of those home friends allegedly grew stronger in recent weeks, with family members reaching out to Monteith and urging him to come back to California.

But Cory simply retreated even further and, tragically, died in a Vancouver hotel room last Saturday. Staff members confirm he had spent the evening with acquainances in the area.


he was very selfish..only take drugs and alcohol and did not care about his family and girl friend


is Canada infected with the hollywood-syndrom yet?


This is so sad for his friends and family, don't judge him too hard at least he was trying to stay clean but those drugs were stronger than him. He was such a young and handsome person...may his soul rest in eternal peace..........


Its a pretty common scenario, losers pressure deep pockets into getting everyone drunk or high. Who cares if someone went to rehab or is sober, they have the money for the party.


I don't feel that it's particularly fair of certain people most notably third parties to say how unprofessional he was especially at this delicate time....One is never suppose to. speak iLL of the dead, it's just plain tacky unnecessary and unequivocally wrong in ever way.....I'd expect his Canadian hometown to have his back, I guess not....Shame.


Drug education is terrible in this country. It is a known fact that addicts need to stay away from places and people who have a bad influence. Cory tried even putting himself in rehab. Cad diction us a toughg master. RIP Cory you will be missed.


At least the young man was honest about who he was and the demons he tried to fight. May God rest his soul....Thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family. And Lea Michele.


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