Yahoo News Calls Kenya "Country of Obama's Birth"

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In an article about President Barack Obama's upcoming trip to Africa, a Yahoo News reporter somehow referred to Kenya as "the country of his birth."

Apparently Donald Trump is interning at Yahoo News now? Who knew.

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The article was quickly revised to refer to Kenya as the president's "ancestral homeland," with a correction at the top and an acknowledgement of the error.

Still ... we're sort of glad we're not Rachel Rose Hartman right now.

Obama was born in Hawaii, a fact that state officials have repeatedly confirmed, though rumors that he was secretly born in Kenya dogged him for years.

The release of Obama's birth certificate in 2011 quieted critics (mostly), and his 2012 reelection would imply that the birther conspiracies have largely been put to rest.

Or just replaced by the far worse AP, IRS, Benghazi and NSA scandals.

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No one has seen Obozo's physical birth certificate -- only a proven photoshoped copy of it. The Hawaiian official that claims to have seen original left his job soon after this issue surfaced. Obozo has spent $millions keeping his BC locked away. Why? If it's the same as the copy released then why not show the original? No college transcripts. Social Security number in question. Family says he was born in Kenya. Oh come on people. It obvious he doesn't have a US birth certificate otherwise there would not be all this doubt. Show the original already.


Barack Obama is an illegal alien.