Taylor Chapman Dunkin' Donuts Rant Goes Viral, is Really Disturbing

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Whoever said the customer is always right never met Taylor Chapman.

In a viral video, the 27-year-old Florida woman, who has worked as a video spokesperson for a restaurant and an auto repair shop, goes OFF on Dunkin' Donuts.

For unexplained reasons, Chapman walked into the DD on Saturday to record herself complaining about not being provided a receipt for a prior purchase.

“This is all being under video surveillance,” she absurdly warned one employee (who was absurdly polite), referring to her iPhone, which kept recording for 8:09.

Since she allegedly was not given a receipt, the Broward County resident cited a company policy that supposedly guaranteed her free food as a result.

Cursing uncontrollably, the unhinged Chapman berated workers and customers in a vile rant that has exploded online - and not for reasons she'd hoped.

“Even if they hock a loogie and sh!t in it I don’t even care," she said. "‘Cause one time they pissed in my fries ... literally I could smell the piss in it.”

Boasting of her “business degree,” Chapman chastised a “dumb bitch” female employee who “completely pissed me off” and “decided to cross my fucking line.”

She referred to the worker as “a complete c--t sand n!gger whore.” Then she spotted the woman, Nithi, and moved down the counter to confront her.

“Well, guess what? This shit’s about to go live, bitch. Right on Facebook,” Chapman boasted. “‘Cause I already posted what your dumb ass did last night."

"So I hope you’re happy with your little f--king sand n!gger self."

"Cause I’m about to nuke your whole f--king planet from Mars. You think ya’ll are tough big fat Arabs bombin’ the Trade Center? I’ll show you tough.”

Yeah. Because that makes total sense, Taylor. Well played, girl.

Before ending her recording, Chapman told another customer that her video's headed for YouTube, where she hoped it would “get a million f--king hits.”

Based on what we've just watched, that's a conservative estimate.

She deleted her Facebook page, where this was first posted. On Twitter, she claims to have a B.A. in Business, and to be working toward a law degree.

Taylor is “happily engaged” to her boyfriend, with whom she lives.

Or lived ... who knows if he's seen this and what he thinks of her.


She reminds me of Ann Coulter(sp?), the Right Wing darling of profane thoughts and words.

Jimmy fivefingers
@ Aaron_ibn_Herman



Wait a minute! She thought that somebody peed in her fies before, yet she came back for more, and not jus more but a whole lot more. What!?


I looked up 'cunt' in the American Heritage dictionary and it said "See Taylor Chapman." It said nothing else.
This 'woman' is obviously a troll at businesses. Looking for ways to complain any way she can, then post it to YouTube or Vimeo and hopefully be seen as a vigilante in some manner. What a supreme twit. Her language shot her in the foot from the beginning.

@ kellyjdrummer

Type-o. Make that *fries* and *just*.


The racism in this is what bothered me the most.


Oh wow, I feel sorry for her boyfriend.

Suzi mccrory

These 2 employees deserve a bonus! Pitch in here: http://www.indiegogo.com/proje...


Send Her to Mars. Here's the link:


What an evil, vile, arrogant witch she is. I would never patronize a business that had her for their spokesperson, or that she worked for.

Erin thomas

Very unstable female.


What a nasty skank! She needs to go into hiding. She has to be so humiliated.

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