Rihanna Instagrams HUGE Joints, Wishes U.S. Would #LegalizeIt

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Anybody need a toke? Rihanna has enough to go around.

For an entire nightclub worth of people, it would appear.

The marijuana-loving singer took to Instagram on Saturday in Amsterdam (doesn't it figure), where this sort of thing is not only legal, but encouraged:

Rihanna Smokes Up

We see countless Rihanna photos featuring her smoking as it is, so imagine how much fun she'll have in a place where she doesn't have to rein it in?

She captioned one of them "#LegalizeIt" ... then upped the THC-filled ante by posing for a few pics with MASSIVE blunts and a lighter in each hand.

The U.S. has not #legalizedit across the board, but Colorado and Washington have, and you can get a medicinal card in California like it's no thing.

Or so we've heard. Yeah, that's it.

Again, this isn't Ri-Ri's first declaration of her love for the herb. Nor will it be the last. But outside of the 20th day of April, it may be the most egregious.

This sure beats traditional therapy ...

Rihanna, Joints

What do you think: Legalize it?

Is legalization of marijuana a good idea?

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Why not? I mean I've done it before and it turned out not to be my thing. But I'm certainly not against anyone else to have it and use it if they so choose. So I say why not legalize it. That way terminally ill patients can get what they need, and maybe just maybe our country can pay back the debt to China and anywhere else we owe money to.


I don't recommend pot, but moderate use of it is not that harmful beyond possible loss of short term memory in the long run. Also, there is an increase in demand for it's legalization in the U.S. Rihanna, however, overdoes it with not only regular use of pot but probably coke as well. Justin my fallible opinion.


I don't know why people just like this girl?????!!!!! She was betting is it becoz she was good or bad ....dirty + full of sh*t

@ hope

Calm down cray cray. If you don't like her then don't read and or purchase her music.


I know people that smoke weed like cigarettes and their brain and morals are never the same. Unless your sick you don't need to smoke all the time


Hey THG....it's "reign" not "rein" it in. Nice to see you guys are still keeping up your level of incompetents.

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