True Blood Recap: "The Sun"

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Alcide got mean. Bill got burned. Eric went undercover. Sookie met a new suitor.

And Pam drank milk.

HBO viewers took another trip to Bon Temps on the latest episode of True Blood Season 6, with the following developments taking place throughout Episode 2, "The Sun."

Pam with Milk
  • Bill seemingly discovered the true meaning of his Lilith-like state. He can see the future! But that's not great news for his undead friends, all of whom were burning in Bill's vision.
  • Eric tried to force the Governor's hand by dorking out... only to learn about dangerous new technology the humans have in their battle for Louisiana.
  • Sookie couldn't resist the allure of another handsome young man faerie in trouble.
  • Jason learned he has a faerie godfather. A wacky one at that, who knows a lot about Warlow.
  • Alcide threw down with Sam over Emma.
  • Pam and Tara bonded as the former lost her business.

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