Paula Deen: Fired By Food Network Following Lawsuit, Racial Slurs

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Paula Deen may have issued an apology for using racial slurs in both her Savannah, Ga., restaurants and also ever in her entire life, but that wasn't enough for Food Network.

Probably because the apology was terrible, but hey, she tried??

Earlier today it was announced that Food Network dropped the butter-loving Southern Belle known for sending love and "best dishes" to her viewers.

Deen's contract will not be renewed when it expires at the end of this month. 


Deen, who made her mark on the Food Network with her sugary, fat-saturated foods, has faced quite a rocky couple of years, to say the least.

First she announced that she had been diagnosed with and battled diabetes and received backlash from critics for not modifying her unhealthy recipes. 

She went on to slim down with the South Beach diet before being slapped with a lawsuit regarding allegations of sexual harassment in her restaurants by G.M. Lisa Jackson.

While Deen denies the sexual harassment, she doesn't deny using racial slurs, and that, no doubt coupled with her skipped Today Show appearance this morning, landed her in hot water.

All of this has left her image and her career in the slop trough, and it was all too much for Food Network, with which she will no longer be associated.

It's going to take more than a pan of brownies to apologize for this one. She'll be serving up casseroles to everyone else while she eats Humble Pie.

It's a good thing she knows a thing or two about comfort food recipes, right? 

Talk to THG: Would you fire Paula Deen?


she is very hilarious!


they had no right to fire him!


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Stop u do have that all white books, that few of color u let in your schools, your clothes, etc. the only problem with that we don't care like my hispanic friends say we going to take back what the white took from us. I think the both is crazy. They forget the mayflower.


If this is an example of the type of frivolous law suits that are interrupting our already overloaded court system, then I guess 99.9 percent of our Americans better get ready for a law suit by Ms. Jackson. Isn't always about the Benjamin's. Mrs. Deen appears to be a very honest, compassionate, woman that has worked hard and made a wonderful success of her life. Ms. Jackson needs to focus on something more important and quit with the jealousy.


I dont think she should have been dropped never said it while representing food network. But! I dont care for her. When she makes guest appearences she ruins the episode. Glad to see her go. Sorry i'm sure shes a nice lady I hope she takes Carla from the Chew with her.


C'mon..She was raised in the South. Right or wrong that is how people spoke and were raised years ago....(some still do). Not saying it's right. She was asked a question, and gave an honest answer. I bet most of us would like. We've all called every race, nationality etc, some thing at one time or another. But keep giving people like Amanda Bynes, Justin, etc all chance after chance.


LOL.... Bet she did not think that good ol gal thinking would get her racist A$$ fired!!!!


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The fact the explanation people are using to explain any derogative words and saying Rappers or Comedians use them is silly. Even during at that time people stiffen when it is not excepted.
Rappers are young and some comedians are young. But it is always unfair to think people while laughing at jokes or listening to a musical jam it not laugh or move to a tune. But you think that they will laugh while you are putting them down. Ah, this will never happen. Those making those assumption are stupid or just insensitive. Paula made a mistake and I love her. But is a wise business woman and she knows the deal and she apologized. So there and I am still her customer. Thank you Paula!

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