Paula Deen Named in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

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Already embroiled in controversy over her recent disclosure of diabetes, Paula Deen is now accused of sexual harassment in the termination of an employee.

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    @Tequila You dont' KNOW anything! The woman hasn't went to court. You don't know the truth yet. Stop! You're sounding really stupid here.


    I always knew she was EVIL!


    It will be real interesting to see how all this turns out. I hope the real truth is revealed.


    I am a white man and I have nothing against blacks, whites, reds, blues, greens, yellows, purples or oranges, or anything in between. I want to own them all.


    Well now, yah heah?!
    Now ya'll, I thank we's got's ah problum, now, do yee thank?
    I says dat babbie boie of Paul Dean's is poart cullah'd, dontchee thank?
    Kant we's jus gets aloan, now heah!? Ya'll?


    "Why can blacks call themselves that and whites cant?"
    "Why can't I call that women's husband on his cell phone, his wife calls him all the time?" - Sounds like some people just do not understand the meaning of a relationship.


    @Steve How devastating! This story really touched my heart! That's what can happen by manipulators and gold-diggers! Let it stand as a testimony of what many times is the way things really are in life! Sad.


    don't know who is right or wrong in this situation, but the fact that money is involved seems to be a major factor in this. Speaking for myself, if I had worked where I was harrassed I think I would have left that job way before 5 years was up. As for the "N" word well I must agree with many. If a black says it, then it is OK. White people are becoming persercuted of late for the least infraction. Why can't we all get along and be done with it.


    After 5 years....? Pfft!
    Yet another gold digger in a long line?
    Happens a lot. I've seen men destroyed from it, men who did nothing wrong.
    One man that lived down the block, he used to give a female co-worker a ride to and from work because she had no car. One day, she claimed sex harassment and sued him.
    The woman accuser kept getting rides from him after he *allegedly* harassed her, she claimed she had no other ride, but...other employees said she would refuse rides from others and insist on going with the man, they claimed she was openly interested in the man romantically.
    It was all over the newspapers, locals were calling him a pig and hassling him, his wife eventually believed the accuser and left him.
    He was losing his savings, his home and his wife. And was publicly humiliated from the newspapers.
    So he shot himself, killed himself. The woman eventually got settlement money from the company, because the man wasn't alive to defend himself, so she won. That's life.


    Wow I read this and was so shocked the comments wow by reading I see everyone ASSumed that Lisa Jackson was black....nope...she's white(gasp)..smh yep white can you imagine...Paula Deen -she might've said it a time or two she's human... I Take it with a grain of salt that most non-blacks have said it (the "N" word) once or twice tested it out and put it away. and yes it counts if you've only thought it. But the comments without facts is insane. some of you guys just downed a whole race of people because you THOUGHT that this chick was racism at it best!!!!

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