Paula Deen Apology: Posted, Removed, Vague and Really Awkward!

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Just hours after she bailed on the Today show, Paula Deen issued a bizarre statement regarding her use of racial slurs, only to promptly yank it off YouTube.

It's the weirdest, least sincere-sounding apology ever. See for yourself:

With an edit after almost every sentence and frequent stumbles over words, this "apology" achieves the rare feat of leaving Deen's image worse off than before.

Rather than explaining why she used racial slurs in the past, which she admitted under oath in a lawsuit deposition - she just says she's really sorry.

For what? You wouldn't know based on this video! She doesn't say.

Clearly, some PR team (and not a very good one, mind you) threw together a script and had her read from it, rather than letting her speak from her heart.

The result is Deen looking ridiculous ... neither sincere, nor apologetic, nor capable of understanding what the heck she even wants forgiveness for.

It was taken down shortly after it was posted, but as we know, nothing can truly be axed from the Internet. Her PR people could be axed, however ...

One assumes this was filmed in response to the controversy that arose over a lawsuit against Deen, who is accused of discrimination in the workplace.

A former employee said Deen made racial slurs against her; Deen denied the allegations of the lawsuit, but admits she has used epithets in the past.

And to think, there was a time when the nutritional content of Paula Deen recipes was the most controversial topic associated with the Southern chef.


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@Frogmore...This is a story about a woman who used a word that she should NOT have used it has nothing to do with the government. Go to a story about government if you wish to discuss politics. (maybe Huffington Post or you could write the Enquirer...they would love you)


I think she should have been fired a long time ago . She felt she was the Queen of the cooking universe and it all sowed up with everything with name on it..
She should have been fired ,when she deliberaterally hid her type 2 diabetiies from her fan. Nothing else to call it but being deceiful and a liar...She continued to cook as always the foods killing those people with the food they shouldnt have been eating . she could have used her influence and educated them about it,you think she care..??? Hech no it was all about the Green Stuff.. She was afraid she would lose I red cent .
Don't know hoe she can live with herself.. I guess, she knows now..there has not been a crown set on her head to be able cafll anyone anything she choose.... All kinds of excuses can be made in taking up for her, but you can only spin it one way and that way is in the content she used the N word and whatever else said she thought she has the power to do and say whatever and get by with it.....One last comment I personally thing her southern accent is put on somewhat, no doubt she has one, but over does it.. She is quite a phony in more ways that one.. I know the boys and she worked hard getting where they have , but feel the story was embellished alittle more each time .sure everything thing they did at times were not on the up and up... A book always sells better with embellishments and exgrratations ... That's my thought only..I have have great respect for the "food network". It could a lot of guts and good ethics !


This is pure bloody nonsense! So when ppl blurt out what they say in their private time - hang em high! Since the US now has all private emails plse can you tell us what's being said about whites when they're not within earshot. WOW!


But the can use all kinds of racial comments in movies,and get away with it. If it's wrong one way it should be wrong in another. She apolegized ..get over it. 83 million men,women and children are murdered in Syria and people are worried what Paula Deen said years ago!!!


World's on the Brink of Destruction & peoples worryin' 'bout what somebody SAID?!


why is her face so red?


she just rambles about all this horrible "hurt" she's caused. i suspect the one who's suffering all the horrible "hurt" is Paula Deen. She thought she was untouchable I guess.


I don't know what to think. no excuse ok, but from her era horrible things were said. thank god things have changed now. my hubby used to march with the naacp in Chicago and he is white. do you know how many stupid idiots were racists back then. so terrible. where I am from and in my era, I went to school with lots of different ethnicities we just need to be kind to everyone.

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