Diabetics to Paula Deen: You Hypocrite!!

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Celebrity chef Paula Deen is, quite predictably, being called a hypocrite both for hiding her diabetes while promoting unhealthy foods and for turning around and partnering with a pharmaceutical drug company that provides relief for diabetics.

Deen, a popular Food Network host, confirmed Tuesday that she was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, the most common form of the disease, three years ago.

In the same breath, she announced a partnership with drug maker Novo Nordisk.

Paula Deen, Diabetes

Fellow celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain is perhaps her best known and most vocal critic, but diabetics across the United States are up in arms at Deen's disclosure.

“It is hypocritical [for Paula] to have continued to very publicly promote entirely unhealthy food choices so vital to the management of diabetes,” one told Fox411.

“We of course don't know the terms of her contract with the company, but it seems either stupid or hypocritical of them to be endorsing her lifestyle," says another.

Deen gave no comment when it was requested, but a source close to the network tells Fox411 that they found out about Deen's condition only a week ago.

Some of Deen’s fans expressed outrage that the 65-year-old chef had found what they believe is a way to capitalize on a diagnosis she kept secret for so long.

“I understand she has an empire and a huge following to protect, but working with Novo Nordisk is just adding another revenue stream, and that is tweaking people like me who are in the diabetes education community,” said Carl Moore.

Moore, a type 2 diabetic and an educator on diabetic issues, said the news didn’t exactly come as a surprise to him and others with the disease.

“Many of us have watched the Buttuh Queen for years cooking with no thought for the consequences and waiting to hear she was diabetic,” he said.

Betsy Lampe, who has struggled with type 2 diabetes for more than 20 years, said Deen has already missed her first opportunity to educate victims.

“She didn’t tell us anything on the 'Today Show'; she got really defensive,” Lampe said. “She didn’t even tell us what her blood sugars were."

"You know, diabetics want to entertain and cook too. If I were her I would have announced a whole new show for entertaining as a diabetic. It was just offensive to me.

“She kept talking about moderation, but moderation in what? She didn’t explain.”

“She is overweight and that makes her, in my opinion, not credible or valid to promote diabetes drugs,” adds Richard Deems, a type 2 diabetic like Deen.

The American Diabetes Association, however, was supportive of the Southern chef.

“People may benefit from seeing how others successfully manage type 2 diabetes,” the group said in a statement. “Paula Deen, through her work with Diabetes in a New Light, is likely to inspire many people living with type 2 diabetes."

Hopefully, the group says, people will "take a more positive approach to their diabetes care. We commend her for speaking out on behalf of people with type 2 diabetes and welcome her to the Association’s Stop Diabetes movement.”


Seriously? NancyF, Was it necessary to be sooooooooo incredibly rude and over the top in being insensitive in order to get your point across?? Wow, how amazing! You could have easily said the same think, but with some tact & grace? You leave me and anybody else reading you're comments speechless....you're just as human as she is? Show us your vice and I'm sure there will be people that will treat you kindly & respectfully in this forum in spite of it!!


i love me some paula dean, and her sons are hot hot hot. i am sure she is sincere about wanting more knowledge about diabetes before going public, but her timing does seem to be all about money. i'll be happy if her son jaime starts showing more skin on camera. mmmmm


I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes 4 years ago. I am 35, female, 5'7" and weigh 130 lbs. They found it because while at work, I got really dizzy then passed out face first on a table! My blood pressure dropped and my eyes rolled back in my head. I scared the crap out of everyone around me. To this day, I take meds for diabetes, high blood pressure and a slew of other heart related issues. I exercise, don't smoke, drink maybe twice a year and don't eat anything excessively fatty or salty and have no family history of diabetes. I could stand to lose a few pounds but don't feel that overweight. They honestly could not tell me why this developed. So, it's not just a fat, old person disease.
What I'm getting at is....judge not. Because you too could have this issue down the road.
As far as Paula Deen....she's just another pseudo-celebrity who sees dollar signs. Nothing surprising there!


Type 1 diabetes is a real disease and not diabisity, I''m proud to be a healthy person with self control. Everyone needs to know the difference. Paula has created an awareness and I'm also proud to say I've never eaten a "dounut hamburger!", the thing that makes me mad is that she had a choice in the matter and type 1's do not. It's horrible to think that anyone would do this to themselves and then of course promote the un healthy lifestyle while our tax dollars pay for their increases healthcare and increases meds. Paula- keep eating! And to all of you fatties- keep supporting your short life while we pay for it!


I laugh at all of you because if the Food Network does not care or the company that she is endorsing the product then why do you??? Most of you saw the show and liked it and now ohh she is the devil, come on is she the hypocrite or all of you??? I think ALL OF YOU who mostly I bet are overweight and eat tons of junk food!


I think she needs another one her hams thrown at her face!!!!!!


People.... get off her case!! It is a personal medical condition and it is NOT your business!!!! As for the way she cooks and her show, NO ONE makes you watch or eat any of her foods. She is not being a hypocrite. She always says "moderation". That means YOU should be responsible, not her. Julia Childs didn't cook the healthiest foods either, but I don't hear anyone shooting off their mouths about that. Just because someone shows you how to do something does not mean you HAVE to do it.


CDE is a Certified Diabetes Educator so I have an opinion. Hopefully this brings an awareness about Type 2 diabetes and those at risk rush to get tested. A third of those who have Type 2 diabetes are unaware while high blood glucose levels are damaging every blood vessel and nerve.
Paula, as well as 30% of the population needs to get some wieght off and exercise. We seriously call it Diabesity.


Paula Deen is a hypocrite and a horrible person, parlaying diabetic sickness for profit and manipulating the public at will. She is an example of the downfall of America - she is an example of why people Occupy Wall Street.


Not surprised by the actions of this overweight, ignorant, greedy and, IMO, lousy cook. Let's face it if your cooking requires that much, salt, butter, cream and deep frying to make it palatable -- how good can it be! Now if the Food Network would be brave enough to dump her fat ass off the air -- y'all will be better served!

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