Happy 31st Birthday, Prince William!

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The Prince of Wales, Duke of Cambridge, RAF rescue pilot and husband of Kate Middleton celebrates his birthday on the 2013 Summer Solstice.

Happy birthday to father-to-be Prince William!

Man in Uniform

It's good to be the future king any day, no doubt. Being married to Kate Middleton alone would make that the case. But soon he'll have an heir(ess)!

The couple has not found out the gender of their impending arrival - due next month - but he or she will assume a place in history from day one.

No pressure, kid.

As for his any big plans today? William is reportedly laying low lately, with any birthday commemorations likely to involve only family and close friends.

For good reason.

In honor of his 31st birthday, an occasion fit for a king, or at least a duke, click to enlarge some of our favorite Prince William and Kate Middleton pictures!

Kate Middleton, Prince William of Wales
Kate Middleton and Prince William Photograph
Kate and William Photo
Kate Middleton With Prince William Picture
William and Kate, Duke and Duchess
Kate Middleton, Prince William Pic
Kate Middleton With Prince William
Kate, William
Recently Engaged
Royally Adorable
Waving to the Crowd
William and Kate Wedding Portrait
Kate and William in Cowboy Hats
The Duke, Duchess of Cambridge
The Prince and Catherine
William and Catherine, Duke and Duchess
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