Myla Sinanaj on Kanye Cheating Scandal: Love is Just a Quote

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Myla Sinanaj has something to say about Leyla Ghobadi.

Yes, the ex-girlfriend of Kris Humphries - who recently accused Kim Kardashian of cheating on Reggie Bush many years ago - took to Twitter yesterday in response to Ghobadi's claim that she slept with Kanye West.

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Kanye West Cheating Claim
Kim Kardashian in Pregnant Dress

And it's safe to say Sinanaj was not exactly sympathetic toward the reality star.

Here is a rundown of her postings:

  • same shit though works the same since they were both cheating at the time ” if they cheat with you they cheat on you”
  • cant teach a old dog new tricks…….
  • Stuck in a generation where loyalty is just a tattoo, love is just a quote and lying is the new truth.

Ponder that final profound quote, readers, and respond:

Do you think Kanye West cheated with Leyla Ghobadi?


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Myla Sinanaj on Kanye Cheating Scandal: Love is Just a Quote
Seems homemade to me
Good luck!


so it goes back all the way around and it all evolves around the same ppl


Fatmire Sinanaj needs to get a life rather than trying to ruin Kim's. It's getting ridiculous with her. I guess her ex boyfriend was right about her-FATAL ATTRACTION!. She tweets Kanye like she knows him, how pathetic. Fatmire is all bent out of shape because Kris Humphries used her and then dumped her. Just like Amber Rose they blame Kim instead of looking in the mirror. Amber was a stripper who no one knew until she hooked up with Kanye. No one knew Fatmire either if she didn't hook up with Kris a month after Kim filed for divorce. These losers are bottom feeders.


Myla needs to STFU cuz her 15 seconds of fame was up last week. Mind ur own business


Another choice in the pool should have been "Who cares?" to round out a true consensus of opinion.


being an american too?

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