Myla Sinanaj Accuses Kim Kardashian of Cheating with Kanye West

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So try to follow along with this one, THGers:

Myla Sinanaj dated Kris Humphries after he split from Kim Kardashian.

She allegedly received a check from Kim after testifying in the reality star's divorce case, went to cash it on Friday… and proceeded to go on a Twitter rant that accused Kardashian of cheating on Reggie Bush with Kanye West.

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Very Pregnant Kim Kardashian

"U know what finding this check just pi**ed me off!" Sinanaj wrote. "truth is my a** didn't want to go to her dumb deposition so i said i have no $ for gas, but that didn't stop her from mailing me a check that's how bad she wanted me to go! which i don't understand WHY."

Perhaps for grammar lessons? Sinanaj continued:

"She should THANK ME for my discretion for not mentioning the fact when i was the Overnight Manager at the W hotel. I was the one making Kanye keys to her suite at 2am!!! Back when she was supposed to be with the love of her life Reggie Bush right??

"THERE is SOOOO much more that i know and had to be quiet about but i ain't working at the hotel no more so F*** it!!! My advice to Kanye is 'if they cheat with you they cheat on you' remember that sh**.."

It's a lesson West can perhaps soon pass along to his daughter, considering he and Kim are having a girl.


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Myla Sinanaj Accuses Kim Kardashian of Cheating with Kanye West
Hh yeah baby! It made my day!
Good luck!


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Whos Myla Sinanaj??


Myla's 15 seconds of Fame is up. Everyone already has an idea that Kanye was already in Kims life so what. If Myla wanted it to be "Breaking News" she should have released it to tue tabloids before Kim and Kris last court date and she didn't so now Myla needs to crawl back under the rock she came from and take Ray J and Farrah with her under the rock cuz they all wanted fame at Kims expense and no one wants to hear what these people are saying


I just realized that Fatmire Sinanaj and Farah Abraham both have to use Kim's name to get recognition. Fatmire Sinanaj's twitter just went up by like 1,000 w/in a day. They both belong to the same agency that has Z listers and I'm sure she was encouraged to this to boost her existence.I think Hump had promised to continue their relations after the divorce so he could keep her quiet about his shit and he told her over the weekend it wasn't happening. She could even try the "I'm pregnant scenario" because he hasn't been with her for quite some time. I would have found her more credible if she had spilled all that crap that she had on the Hump. Her lawyer had said they had a lot of damning evidence on him. I hope she eventually goes away and is sued by the W Hotel and Kim K.


To me, that Myla Sinanaj chick sounds like a messy-ass snitch looking for constant attention/drama 24/7. Stupid bitch.


Paid to testify? Excuse me?


Trashing peoples, trashy acts. All around. Go figure.


Who is she riding on kim k she js trying to b kkknow she need to live her on life bc she prob have some skel in her closet that she dnt wont noboy to know


Let's get her name straight :Fatmire Sinanaj.Her her accusations are bogus. Kim caught Reggie cheating with January Gassert. She broke up with him in March 2010. She made her song in 2011 and the pic that Kim put up on her own site that Myla is using is from the set of the video for Kim's song(in 2011). So this girl is bullsh*tting and just wants attention. Why didn't she give this "info" to Hump's lawyer(because it was bogus)? The check that she's trying to insinuate is for "bribe" is a very standard payment for anyone who has to give a deposition. I hope the W Hotel holds her liable for lack of indiscretion for high profile guests. I think she really hurt this hotel and she said she doesn't care.

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