Kelly Clarkson Goes Country, Debuts New Track

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Look out, country music world. Here comes Kelly Clarkson!

The pop superstar placed her foot squarely in the country music world over the weekend at the CMA Festival in Nashville, debuting the track "Tie It Up" and telling the audience:

“I’ve been nervous all day because I wanted to be good for you!”

Did the original American Idol have cause to be concerned? Listen to the song now and decide for yourself:


First off, modern country is not country music. So let's get that out of the way right now. I live in the country and I'm sorry but we don't look like Jason "look at my hat" Aldean out here. We also don't do any of the activities that he sings about. We mostly work, drink and sleep out here.
What is considered "country music" these days is what I call "dooshy white person music". It all sounds the same and it all basically sucks. It's what white people listen to when they don't have any real taste in music yet they want to be a fan of something.
Kelly Clarkson is an oversinger just like every other female American singer since American Idol began ten years ago. We get it, you have a good voice but you're killing our ear drums. Can she just sing a song where she doesn't have drag every word on for a minute and a half?


we have a new version of "Jolene", folks!!


She sings with beyonce at Obamas inauguration and now she goes country? Pardon us if there's no red carpet Kelly.


Wtf kelly can go country but if taylor swift tries pop every one has a fit. That's stupid.

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