Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret Review: Where Are the Secrets?

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Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret is a Lifetime movie of the first-degree, a true crime story ripped from the headlines and sensationalized for your entertainment.

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    Absolutely this movie was a disgrace and compete humiliation added more to Travis Alexander, Not only having sex photos of him and also a phone sex recording on the web for thousands of people to view. They had to make a movie with untrue events that didn't even occur in the first place. The actors of this movie was horrible, they both didn't truly portray who they were suppose to present. I know for a fact Travis or his family and his friends wouldn't want him to suffer through this humiliation. Nor I would doubt they would watch this movie. Out of respect of Travis Alexander and his family I wouldn't waste your time watching.


    I enjoyed this movie. Ms. Raymonde is much more attractive then Jodi but we got the point. Also, the movie was not said to have revealed any new secrets. SHE was the dirty little secret, along with their sexual exploits, kept from those that knew him. Sad to think if he didn't decide to do her that one last time, he might still be alive. I think the movie got it pretty right.


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    My comment is for Terry Lynn Taylor.


    As usual, they based the movie from the Prosecution point of view. Just once Id like to see the other side done.. they showed nothing of his texts, and abusive talk, which was clear at the trail, the way he used her, then dumped on her.. and put the Morman Church in an untrue light. Both were sick sex addicts, and both were using each other. He clearly degraded her,. I also think she shot him first, then she went crazy. No one really knows. He was NO saint. And that actor looked nothing like him. ID rate it about a c.


    worst movie ever where did they find the actress and actor at5 on the street

    @ margo

    Well than, if they would have based this movie on the defenses point of view and the devils disciple{Jodi Arias} it would have all been based on lies! Than again I guess you think that this poor man should have died because of his sexual behavior,like he deserved to die that way.That's an absolutely brilliant take on the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    psssssst, keep it quiet, I MASTURBATE!!


    Um everyone is asking where are the secrets? Not rocket science here Jodi was Travis's "dirty little secret" DUH!

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