Jodi Arias Verdict: GUILTY of Murder!

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The verdict is in, and Jodi Arias has been found guilty of murder.

A jury found that she killed ex Travis Alexander in cold blood.

Jodi Arias: Guilty!

Jordi Arias showed little emotion as the decision was read by a court clerk. As the jurors were polled, each affirming the guilty verdict, she fought back tears.

Outside the Arizona courtroom, the gathered crowd cheered.

Alexander's family hugged each other after the verdict was read, a measure of closure at last after a grisly death and a sensational criminal proceeding.

The trial now enters a penalty phase, with additional testimony and arguments, to decide if Arias should receive life in prison or the death penalty.

The case featured a beautiful photographer who changed her story twice, ultimately claiming self-defense in the death of the man she once loved.

Up against her was a bulldog prosecutor determined to prove Arias was a spiteful, jealous ex-girlfriend and vicious murderer, not to mention a pathological liar.

"Throughout the whole thing, she has lied," prosecutor Juan Martinez told the jury last Friday in closing arguments, and clearly, they believed him.

Jodi Arias verdict: What do you think?


I can see why the media has latched onto this case! People act like a sweet face blinds them to a sneaky selfish soul. Thank the lord one less of these evil ladies is off the street!!! We have all been taken by one of these crazy biatches! The craziest thing about Jody is that she has the same mindset and even looks like Angie Hensley the “therapist” at somasoulspirit! These people smile in your face and act innocent and sweet but they throw jabs and daggers.


Jury real so waste time, stupid. Jury know that Jodi life is very bad and stab Travis several times. Should her go death tha life..


Give her pity her.she is evil..poor man suffer his body, awful..


give her death


i would put her in in a room with a bed and and tie her arm down and her legs down on the bed and i would take all her clothes off and treat her like a bad bad baby girl and i would put a diaper on her and put baby clothes on her and feed her with baby food and feed her with a baby bottle and i would spank her really hard on the diaper and keep spanking her over and over and over again

@ Michael Kollo

You are one sick puppie.


I feel she should get life, but the cost for that is unreal, so put her to death..If she get life, keep her in a small cell away from all the others and let her sit, no special treatment, no goodies, no nothing but a blanket and a bed and a pillow, her regular meals, just like everyone else, but over cooked, give her NO SPECIAL TREATMENT. She doesn't have a brain problem, she just can't deal with her reality, and the light's are on and nobody is home inside and trust me there are alot of those type of people out there..They think they can get away with everthing and butter wouldn't melt in there mouth.....HANG HER ASS....


She should get a life imprisonment in my dungeon so I could do unthinkable and sick things to her. Torture her in a kinky way and do all the bondage stuffs. Spanking, tickling, candle waxing, whip lashing and electrocuting.. Taser. Yeah!!


This homily disgusting dirt bag should get life in prison without parole. If she got the death penalty, that would be too easy for her. But being in prison her whole sorry life would do justice. Dying is too easy for a scum bag hoe like her. Besides she wants to die. I say, make the bitch suffer for life.


She needs to do everyday behind bars. She said she wants the death penalty, hopefully she doesn't get what she wants! That is one brave, desperate female


After the unjust verdicts on the OJ & Casey Anthony trials, at long last a JURY WITH BRAINS! I vote for the death penalty. -Cheri Woods
Author. Death Row Madam

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