Demi Lovato's Father Passes Away

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Demi Lovato's estranged father, Patrick Lovato, has died.

No details about the death are available, but her sister, Dallas Lovato, broke the news over Twitter, writing simply, "Rest in peace daddy I love you."

Demi Lovato on Red Carpet

Demi Lovato wasn't close to her dad, to put it mildly.

She stated a few years ago that she had no interest in developing a relationship with her dad, who she wrote "For the Love of a Daughter" about.

This was reportedly prompted by interviews given by her estranged dad to benefit from his daughter's fame, rather than being the father she needed.

Given that Lovato suffered from eating disorders and self-mutilation of her wrists to cope with insecurity and depression, one can see her frustration.

Just the same, we can't imagine how hard this is on her and we hope the family is banding together during what can only be a terrible difficult time.

We don't know the status of their relationship in the recent past and can only wish this bright young star the best as she grieves with family and friends.


Demi: From what I've read and heard,you weren't close to your dad. Mainly because he wasn't there,right? If not,I apologize. That's just all that I can gather...If so,you and I have something in-common. I have an extremely estranged(though mostly non-existent) relationship with my mother..She bailed-out when I was 14-months old. Rather than eating-disorders and self-mutilation,I chose the self-destruction route. It's a bazillion wonders that I'm still here,considering the incredibly long list of things(which I cannot say here) that I've done or been through.
However,you did actually know your father,so maybe his passing has had more of an impact than THG has posted here. If so,you have my sincerest condolences for your loss...Just losing a friend or someone you see everyday, can be extremely painful. The loss of a family member---Traumatic and tragic at the very least.
After hearing what you said about how people had shied away and forgot about you when you were in rehab, I'm hoping that this is not the case,with this event. I hope you have a caring and loving 'support team' this time,Demetria...In addition to that team,I want you to add my name to the list. I am always here---if you need me...
You are very bright,funny,talented,and---a 'warrior'--remember? And,warrior's Fight! This is one of those times...Fight through the pain,fight through the hatred,and most of all---fight through ANYTHING that may have you considering things that could be construed as self-detrimental---ya' feel-me,doll? This situation,nor any other, is not improved in any way,by you harming yourself. I've spent the last 16-years figuring that out---Don't You Wait That Long,Hear? Because when you harm yourself,you aren't harming just you---you are also harming those who Do care about you...And, that's not cool by any means...
My condolences once again to the Lovato family...
Sincerely: Hollywood.


americans show how sorry they.
.........although they didn't knew the man.


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