Christina Aguilera Performs "Feel This Moment," Looks Amazing on The Voice

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Don't call it a comeback!

Christina Aguilera returned for The Voice Season 4 finale for a rendition of her hit song “Feel This Moment,” with Pitbull, returning to her rightful place.

The pop star wore a skin-tight skirt, pink bra, and chain link belly shirt, proving that not even Cher could upstage her diva dramatics on this occasion.

She also looked fantastic with her newly-slimmed down figure, shocking fans and critics alike - in a good way. Xtina was definitely feeling this particular moment.

Watch her do her thing last night:

What did you think of Christina’s performance? And her look? Are you excited she'll be returning to The Voice in Season 5? Hit the comments below!


you are a very beautiful look & you so much! ♥


xtina sounded like sh*t, awful.


Christina is awful in every way. A stuffed sausage wrapped in a black elastic bandage. The hair looks like bleached, dried-out seaweed. Where does she buy her makeup, Sherman Williams? Her singing sounds like hog calling. Thank goodness for the mute button.


Shakira n usher are so real...enjoyed them much more than Christina n Cee Lo! Parts were too low in song.


She did a good performance, but she can do better. Yes! I am excited for her return to the Voice, Xtina is a good coach and she have a great voice, so she can coach the contestants, the same to Cee Lo. I love the original coaches.


I love this song but the radio version is way better, she didn't seem to hit the notes like she does in the recorded version. I think she looks great! I am excited for her to return to the Voice, half to the time I can't understand what Shakira is saying.


I think that shakira and usher were way better judges then Christina and Cilo


I agree


another american celebrity who took the "Wrong Direction".

@ abe

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What a terrible terrible song.

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