The Voice Winner: Crowned!

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After a season of countless unforgettable performances, it all came down to one final results show on The Voice. Who was named the winner of Season 4?

Would it be The Swon Brothers, the Oklahoma country crooners on Team Blake Shelton, who shocked everybody by even making it to the finals?

Could indie-rock leaning Michelle Chamuel make Usher a winner against Blake's two proteges, continuing the show's tradition of unorthodox champs?

Or would it be Danielle Bradbery, the terrific Texas teen who many felt was the favorite from the start, due to her electric talent and magnetic likability?

The Voice Season 4 Finalists

Clearly, the final three performers, like the singing competition overall, offers an embarrassment of riches and something to suit everyone's tastes.

But there can be only one champion, and after millions and millions of votes cast, that person (or persons) has been revealed. The moment of truth:

The winner of The Voice Season 4 is ...

Danielle Bradbery!!

"I'm so thankful," said an overwhelmed-looking Bradbery, just 16, after her win as her eyes brimmed with tears. "I'm sorry, I'm speechless."

This is the third win in a row for Shelton, who also mentored Jermaine Paul and Cassadee Pope, and who celebrated his 37th birthday Tuesday.

Michelle Chamuel took second and the Swon Brothers third in what was a fantastic season for the artists, coaches and overall show camaraderie.

Do you agree with the way it turned out?

What do you think of The Voice finale results? Did Danielle deserve to win? Or was she second to one of the other standouts in your mind? Vote:


Michelle all the way!!!! HELL YEAH she is unique not the usual 'my bf broke up with me so I'm gonna write a song about it even though I claim to be totally over him'kinda person I love her ima buy all her albums


I'm a die-hard member of the 4-eye army. Michelle was, in my humble opinion, the one who really deserved to win. Instead, we get a Taylor Swift re-boot; another blonde country under-age singer. Nothing new there. With Michelle, it is all 100% original. I will DEFINATELY be buying her future albums. YOU GO MICHELLE!!!!


Michelle is clearly the better voice, she should have won by a landslide. All these reality shows are homophobic, won't let gay artist win. Rigged voting. Done with these crap shows!


Blake Shelton received his birthday gift when Danielle won the whole darn show.


I listen to country music. She's just another younger kid that might have a hit or two. Country need more diversity not just little blonde chicks.

@ Shawna

Someone like Nelly who collaborated with Florida-Georgia Line band for a song.


There appears to be a back lash on these singing programs where the only people who can win or go to the top are country artists. I wonder how much of this is a protest to rappers and other artists.


Congrats Danielle! You're super talented especially for a 16 year old, however...Michelle is amazing and is already "all that and a cupcake!"
It will be great to watch both careers take off! Both Danielle and Michelle are so refreshing!

@ Kate Mc

yes, absolutely.


I have to say, I wouldn't have picked any of the top 3...they were all good, but not great.


zeba, you are a disgusting filthy mouthed individual. Danielle was the best. she is NOT fat and she is going to become famous and make more money than you will ever dream of. trashy woman.


michelle deserved it the whole time!...i HATE DANIELLE!..danielle is a big fat bitch! michelle deserves to win!..FUCK OFF Danielle 'Whore' Bradbery!

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