Christian Rocker Slams Kanye West as Blasphemous, False God

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Kanye West may crack some folks up with his proclamations of being a HUGE rock star and of being the Michael Jordan of music.

But Sonny Sandoval isn't laughing.

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The Christian singer - known for such tracks as "Youth of the Nation" and "Alive" - considers West to be blasphemous for titling a track "I Am a God" on his new album, "Yeezus."

"Kanye West deceives many and will lead many people astray," Sandoval tells TMZ, quoting Matthew 7:15-23 and warning the world of false prophets who are actually ravenous wolves.

Where do you stand on Kanye's tackling of religion? Of his attitude and his boasting in general?

Sound off now: Kanye West is...



Jesus was real, not a character, unlike Kanye West. He has--literally--crossed the line with his insane propositions. I know that he is doomed for eternity, as he cares about nothing except money. It is impossible for one to worship money and God, because he will love one and hate the other. In the end, he will pay!


Kanye Judas West will rot in hell


Anyone that thinks this guy is cool really needs to better themselves


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he is trying to revenge his black F*ggot-face/skull.

@ abe

F*ggot? ...And somehow you're "better" or "different" than this arrogant man calling himself a "god."


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