Babysitter Sleeps With 11-Year-Old, is Arrested For Sexual Battery

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Megan Nicole Hayes, a 21-year-old Florida woman, was arrested Thursday after she allegedly had sex with the 11-year-old child she was hired to babysit.

She was booked on felony charges of sexual battery of a child under the age of 12.

Megan Nicole Hayes Mug Shot

The young woman, who reportedly admitted to the allegations, is intellectually challenged and doesn't know right from wrong, her father told local media.

The Cocoa, Fla., Police Department told station WKMG that Hayes confessed to the sexual abuse that occurred back on May 27 in the coastal city.

Hayes, of Rockledge, is being held without bond at Brevard County Jail. She was also arrested in February on credit card fraud and petty theft charges.

The investigation is ongoing.


I'm sorry but I am not buying the "doesn't know right from wrong" crap!!!!! That 21-year-old chick knew EXACTLY what she was doing when she horribly violated that poor 11-year old!!!!! And Megan's dad sounds like a total idiot!!!!!! Oh, spare me.


If I had a child, I would definitely look further into a babysitter than this poor child's parents did. If you can't find someone responsible to care for your child while you're away for the night, looks like you are bringing your child along. Why would you hire someone who admits that they are intellectually challenged and don't know right from wrong? Are you serious? And now your child has been raped! Terrible.


She sounds like she knows exactly what she is doing. Scum.


The lack of education in America is quite alarming.


oooooooh please, THIS WASN'T A BABY!!
being an 11 year old today as a prostitute is allowed?