British Man Tattoos Bikini-Clad Wife on Bald Spot

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So... how have you shown love for your significant other today?

A 68-year old British man named Bob Baker has tattooed a cartoon-like version of his wife on to his bald head, as the image depicts Kelly Baker in a bikini and high heels, pushing a lawn mower.

Is Bob embarrassed in any way? Nope!

British Man Tattoo

"75% of people who have seen it say it's wicked and come up and shake my hand," he told the BBC.

Bob has 11 other tattoos across his body, including the name of his wife on his neck.

He has been married to her since 2010 and it's no surprise why he would do whatever possible to keep her around: Kelly is only 28 years old.

Way to go, man! This certainly beats getting a face tattoo of someone after one date.

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