Amanda Bynes Says Miley Cyrus, Drake and Her Dad Are Uggers

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The erratic Amanda Bynes' went on another ugly Tweeting rampage last night, calling her father Rick, Miley Cyrus and Drake ugly in separate posts.

"Haha look at how ugly my dad's face is!" the increasingly unhinged Bynes Tweeted with a pic of her dad. Happy Father's Day this weekend, Rick.

Amanda Ugly Tweet Dad
Amanda Bynes Underwear Photo

She then turned her attention to on-off celebrity crush Drake ... who she's still a big fan of, but that doesn't mean he's not uggers too. Or so we gather.

Bynes Tweeted, "I only like @Drake because he's so ugly! His ugly cheeks at the EA conference! Fine he is not, but he knows he's ugly! I've spoken to him!"

Mmmkay. Finally, regarding Miley Cyrus ...

"Ur ugly," she Tweeted at the Twerking champion, along with a photo of Maxim's Hot 100 winner. Neither Cyrus nor Drake has responded to her Tweets.

Amanda Miles Ugly
Amanda Drake Ugly Tweet

Amanda Bynes actually did delete the Tweet about her dad after the fact. Her shade-throwing on Drake and Miles can still be viewed publicly, though.

Other notable people she has called "ugly" in recent weeks:

  • RuPaul
  • Perez Hilton
  • Lance Bass
  • In Touch Weekly
  • You, if she doesn't follow you on Twitter.

Fuck you bitch,you're so ugly..look in the mirror asshole! Go to hell scumbag!!!


Fuck off, drake is fucking cute. She is the one who ' s ugly. Ew.


Get it together amanda you were my fave back in the day


She called me ugly in Times Square last week. Guess I'm in good company. Sheesh. Sad for her, she was filthy and troubled.


okay we are all ugly!!! are you happy now amanda??


It is one thing to openly disrespect others... but herown father. Someone who raised her? In addition to the fact that she is less attractive than every one of them,doesnt matter bcuz eveythjng she writes she deletes clearly she needs help


Wtf is wrong with this girl? she needs to take a good long look in the mirror before throwing terms like ugly around not to mention she needs to sit down and assess her future, maybe her career is over but she still has a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnng ass time to live in her regrets if this behavior doesn't end soon

@ Dr. Acula

Clearly she is experiencing a medical/psychiatric issue that prevents her from filtering. She keeps calling people ugly because she is deeply insecure about her own looks. She's really having a scary crisis right now. It's actually quite sad.


What this poor girl needs is more media exposure. We as the public need to praise her silly post and encourage her doing. She's no where near being mentally ill, she just a fun loving spoiled former hollywood star. we need to keep pushing her to point of no return; "what does that mean?" you ask? meaning we need to get the most out of amanda while we still can! you go girl! #yolo

@ charles

By the looks of her tweets and how many favorites and retweets each one gets she is getting plenty of attention. The media seems to hang on her every tweet. But...I still feel like this is another Joaquin Phoenix thing. I will be surprised if it isn't I mean why didn't they keep her at the hospital when the cops took her way they would have cut her loose so quick if she was bonkers.


Amanda Bynes isn't mentally ill - she is mentally challenged. no joke. she clearly shows the physical sign of autism/down syndrome in her face. also her behavior and social skills have not matured past an average 8 year old. it is a shame she is not receiving the treatment and care she needs.

@ lisi

autism is a spectrum we all sit on according to social skills and our interpretation of the outside world and does not alter your physical appearance, down syndrome means you have an extra chromosome and does in fact alter you physically as well as mentally. they are not interchangeable terms. thank you.


she looks just like him! poor child is falling off the cliff

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