2 Chainz: Robbed at Gunpoint!

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2 Chainz was apparently robbed at gunpoint in San Francisco yesterday - in broad daylight - and was not cooperative with responding cops after the incident.

Two Chainz

According to TMZ, police responded to a call about shots being fired around 4:30 p.m. When they arrived, the rapper said he wanted to "handle it himself."

2 Chainz told cops his wallet was taken and that's it; no Rick Ross style assassination attempt. Surveillance video shows Chainz was clearly the target.

Whatever the motive, officials are on the hunt for the perpetrator.

Also, the video of the robbery shows that the rapper's entourage of 14 people all bailed "like cockroaches running from a flashlight" when it went down.

So much for safety in numbers.

Shyleonheart at hotmailcom

All he wants for his birthday... is his wallet back! : p


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Not good. No one deserves to be robbed even if they are a vile, disgusting rapper like 2 Chainz.


Couldn't agree more!


2chainzrobbed.com check unpublished gunshop cam


Well gee, ya flash your goods like that, sooner or later, someone else is gonna try to take it from ya.

@ Frogmore

I agree!


So sad!


you're warned now: DON'T FUCK WITH BLACKS!!

@ abe

Shut up Abe.

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