The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Trouble In Paradise

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Things don't seem to be so sunny for the Real Housewives of Orange County. Relationship troubles abound for these buxom blondes (and Heather and Lydia). 


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    Heather, please stop being a grown up baby. I do not know what happens behind the cameras, but you sure act stupid in front of them. Can't your husband make some silly jokes with you? Whenever he talks, you get offended. Yet you say you love him. I believe you just like the status of being a doctor's wife. I think you just want everything to be about you. Do not fight and get annoyed with your husband in front of your kids. If you think that you are the only important one in your family you are certainly
    going to be the next divorced housewife. Your husband will not
    put up with you and your childish ways for long. Finally, please go back to acting school if you want to continue to be a real actress. I use to like you, but now you are very annoying.


    Heather needs to pull the stick out of her ass, get over herself, lighten up.......poor Terry, he's a funny guy and she's a spoiled princess that can't take her own 4 kids to the pumpkin patch with out the help of a nanny! And don't get me started on Tamra!!!


    When Vicki declared her love for Brooks he did not reciprocate the sentiment. Case closed. Move on Vicky.


    You know what, Brianna and her husband are acting like little brats. I understand they do not like Brooks, and they may have good reason, but Brianna's husband is new to the family and really it is none of his business. He shouldn't be putting up extra security or being stern with her. If they don't like Brooks then move out of her home! He has every right to protect his family, but then they should move out, get an apartment or home, and make a deal with Vicki that Brooks cannot be present when she is with them or the baby. It is just sad that she is being told what to do by her daughter's brand new husband. Vicki is a grown woman and obviously loves this man. You might not understand it, but it is not your relationship!

    @ Kimberly

    Okay, I have to disagree with you. Brianna and Ryan are not telling Vicki to not date brooks. They are all for Vicki being happy. BUT When they moved into Vick's place they agreed that they didn't feel comfortable with Brooks being in the house with THEIR child. Vicki agreed to it. They are also playing rent to stay there so it's not as if they're just staying there for free. And they have also said repeatedly that if Vicki wants to bring Brooks over that's fine, but she has to be aware that the consequence of that is that they would move out and find another place. They're not going to keep the grandson away from Vicki, they're just saying that if she makes the choice to have brooks at the house that they could not stay there. At the end of the day Vicki is blaming everyone else for her misery. She has a choice she just chooses to blame Brianna and Ryan for not letting her have it all aka: her daughter and grandson living with her while she's able to bring Brooks by. It would be a whole different ball game if B and R were not paying rent and are demanding something of her. It was a contingency of them moving in that Brooks was not allowed to be there.


    The fur that Vicki was wearing in last night's show was not the one that Brooks "bought" for her. That one was black, and I think it was a full length coat, not a jacket.

    @ DJ

    Agreed.... Vicki LOVES playing the victim and playing both sides for drama and sympathy.....


    Did anyone notice the server in the restaurant. She is the best looking of all of them in the show and she has a J.O.B. in OC - LOL!


    Vickie need to put her foot down with her daughter and son in law. I'm a single mother of adult children and they wouldn't dare or have ever said to me that whoever I'm dating can't cone over to my home. I don't care if they do pay rent, she is the mother and the Queen of her castle. If they can't respect the mother then they should move out. And for her daughter to side with Vickie so called friends, that's so wrong. That should have been between family. Some things you just don't say...


    no one knows how to operate a vacuum cleaner.

    @ abe

    That's just it though! They have said over and over again that if she wants to bring this guy over that it was fine, but that they would have to move out. They're offering to leave if he's that important to her! They're not keeping the grandson away from Vicki if they do leave or cutting of communication, nothing. I think they're being more than fair. She's free to do what she wants as are them, they're just informing her of the outcome of if she wants to bring brooks to the house, then Brianna and ryan would no longer live there. And as you said Brianna is a grown woman, if she decided to side with Tamra in the others because she agrees with them in regards to Brooks than it is what it is. At least she's not being fake about her feelings on the matter. She's being refreshingly honest.

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