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Lauryn Hill’s sentencing hearing Monday saw the singer’s attorney claim that she’s paid off all of her debts – more than $970,000 in state and federal taxes.

Was that enough to keep the singer out of the slammer?

No. She’ll be headed to federal prison for three months!

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A Newark, N.J., judge, in dishing out the sentence of Lauryn Hill, said after she does the three months, three more months of house arrest will follow.

After that, she must do nine months of supervised release.


Hill pleaded guilty in 2012 to not paying taxes on $1.8 million earned from 2005-2007. Two weeks ago, a judge said Hill had paid only $50,000 of what she owed.

More than a few days late and more than a few dollars short.

She faced up to a year in prison on each of three counts of tax evasion, which she claimed took place became she “withdrew from society” amid death threats.

That’s a new one.

Hill says she recently signed a record deal with Sony, and denied that she’s a squatter. Whatever you want to call her, she’ll be an inmate for 90 days.