Twerking Video Gets 33 San Diego High School Students Suspended

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As many as 33 students at San Diego's Scripps Ranch High School have been suspended over a twerking video and other twerk-related violations.

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    These kids are trying to turn this into some profound endeavor. Gotta fight for their right to shake their asses all over the internet? And to think that once upon a time the big thing for students to protest was the Vietnam war. This has to be the most pathetic generation yet.


    What the school did was right,the gal they should have known beter are they crazy!


    I think what the school did was right. We had to follow those rules since our first day in the classroom so why would it be ok to something so vulgar at school


    The fact that people are making excuses for this kids is ridiculous. They were on school property and they have rules. I agree with the school and this type of dancing is tasteless. And you call this dancing with the type of clothes they are wearing something has to be wrong. As parents we are responsible for the actions of our kids if they did something wrong let them deal with the consequences. Rewarding them for acting and making the wrong decisions is not helping. I would be upset that my daughter will make a video with that type of dancing.


    I don't permit what these kids did, but the school went overboard. Nothing was damaged nobody was hurt. The only people effected were the parents.


    if the school failed to object to previous twerking videos / events, then the school has no credibililty with anyone.. Declaring the twerking video a violation of a "sexual harrassment regulation" falls into the category of "BS". many cheerleading acts are sexual in nature, but are approved by most schools. i think i see a major lawsuit coming as a violation of "freedom of speech/expression". it has become an ego thingy now. very sad story.


    Who is the racist c**t who found time to post that s**t on this forum? It's not the twerking that's disgusting, your narrowminded s**tstain of a brain is what's disgusting... Bringing your nasty mindsets in here..



    PRISON !!!!

    @ JOY

    I am pretty sure Jewish people are a type of caucasian. -_-


    Their kids and their just having fun... Gezzzz people!


    What's wrong with you people?!? Keep it up kidz #scrippsranch #gotwerkteam #oldpeoplesuck

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