Lindsay Lohan Not Actually in Rehab, May Face Arrest Warrant

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Lindsay Lohan is not actually in rehab.

On Thursday, the troubled actress checked into rehab at Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach, Calif., and then summarily checked back out.

The million-dollar question: WHY?!

So Dumb

"She felt Morningside was not suitable for her," a source said. "There were too many paparazzi and she didn't feel safe. Nobody close to her is happy about this."

"They think she's really not being smart."

Understatement of all time?

Friends and family of the actress are "fed up" with her behavior, as right now "she is not in compliance with what the court was going to allow her to do."

Making matters worse? This was the second place she bailed on in 48 hours. She had been planning to enter Seafield Center in Westhampton Beach, N.Y.

Instead, she bailed on that and flew to L.A.

That change was made because she can smoke cigarettes at Morningside, whereas she couldn't at Seafield. Prosecutors were infuriated by the move.

The rehab stint is to be approved by the court as a condition of her plea deal. Seafield had been approved. Morningside had not been, at any point.

The judge gave the prosecutors until May 10 to look into whether Morningside is an acceptable alternative, though reports say it is not even licensed.

It's a sober living facility, but can't even provide treatment. All a moot point anyway if she doesn't show up there to begin whatever it is she'll be doing.

"She was shopping at an electronics store, then she was on the [rehab center] property for a couple minutes but got spooked by the paparazzi," a source said.

"She was saying, 'I'm not going to rehab. I'm not going to rehab. Take me back to the airport.'"

According to the paper, Lohan then headed to LAX, presumably to hop on a flight to New York City. If she did that, she could be in HUGE trouble.

"If there's credible confirmation she's heading back to New York, then I'm going to ask the court to issue a warrant," Santa Monica City Attorney Terry White said.

The New York Daily News reports that she did not actually fly back to NYC, however the actress' whereabouts are still unknown at this time.

If Lohan fails to return to the California treatment center by tomorrow morning, law enforcement sources say the won't hesitate to issue a warrant for her arrest.

Clock's ticking.

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