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Miley Cyrus twerks is up in this video. Watch her shake it in a onesie!

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She thinks she's all that, proving she's no Disney child any more. What DO they do over at Mauschwitz that makes them hit batshit crazy once the Mickey wears off? Snap out of it and put your tongue back in your mouth before Vogue isn't the only thing you lose.


SHE THINK SHE TWERKING!!!! Hell.... I'm 52 and I can twerk better than that! First of all... she stiff as hell and second, she REALLY NEED some more A$$ cause all I see is the Onesie making movement LOL!!!!


As a 42 year old mum trying to bring her daughter up as best I can I think Miley Cyrus (don't know her or her family personally) has grown into a strong minded, well mannered young woman who obviously is just trying to find her own way in the world. Having the childhood she has had - the world-wide fame, public adoration and the very public break up of her adored mum and dad and then add in the all the public criticism - I think she has proven over and over that she is someone to be proud of. I for one wouldn't mind my daughter to grow up and be even remotely as well adjusted as Miley appears to be. You go girl, all the haters out there can shut the f**k up and learn how to enjoy yourselves just like Miley obviously enjoys herself!!!!!!

@ Jacqueline Neilson

I love you!

@ MileyMinion

As a 42-year old Mom, you sound like a mentally retarded women. Haters? Are you 12? You go girl? Seriously woman, grow up. It's nearly impossible for a kid to weather Hollywood. She's already on drugs (look up the videos) and acting out against her parents on twitter and selling out to the music industry that will chew her up and spit her out once the public is over her. You're probably one of the morons that cheered on Amanda Bynes as being an "individual" as she fell into severe mental illness. If Miley is your barometer for well-adjusted, you might consider therapy.


I love it and what a work out


Girl can break it down in anything. She only shows she has talent and a fun spirit! Regardless of people always talking shit about her, I think she is awesome!


OK, that has got to be one of the DUMBEST things I've ever seen...


You are really good can you teach me


How do u know that is Miley Cyrus ?


Loved it girl. Love the real you. Never stop being yourself. BAM!!

@ Janet Lake

are you dumb she takes her hood off


she did it pretty good for a white girl :)

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