Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: It's OVER (at Least For Now)!

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have broken up, according to a new report.

People confirmed the split today, though reps for the two could not be reached.

The news comes amid myriad reports that they've been having "difficulties."

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart at Coachella

Guess that was true, to say the least. "Priorities" were said to be the issue.

Whatever that means. Still, all hope may not be lost for the duo. Insiders say they are still "in love" and may eventually get back together again.

Prior to Rob's 27th birthday this week, during which he allegedly ditched out on plans with Kristen, the pair appeared to be still on and going strong.

They were seen at NYC's MET Gala, and then flew back to L.A. May 8. They recently celebrated K-Stew's 23rd birthday and held hands at Coachella.

Following last summer's ordeal - her cheating with Rupert Sanders and issuing a public apology - Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart worked things out.

With the exception of Stewart's admission of her fling, the two never publicly addressed their romance, and things appeared to be totally back to normal.

So much for that. Stick a fork in Robsten, for now.

Robsten: Can they work it out?


I got to say Rob's face shows the drinking is taking a toll. His eyes don't have any sparkle; as I look at them, they appear dark and sunken in. It really is emphasized in the black and white picture. He looks so much older than his 27 years.


You know it s a shame how all these fans of Robert can be calling kristen a whore that,s not nice at all they don t know her like that people like you all is why the world is like how it is I don,t understand why they hate kristen like that she wasn't,t going with their brother you all need to stop it calling her names


Run Robert, keep running from that trifling whore. Let her return to sucking on Rupert's old sagging Nuts!!


I'm glad rob fially dumped her it's about time she's a cheating whore

@ Jenny

You would know, it's takes one to know one doesn't it....

@ My+Two+Cents.....

Yeah u would know all about that wouldn't u?


Itss.gets tireing the same thing over rob loves kristen kristen loves rob. So y better talk getaway befor friends stat something elseand if this is another stunt. Agents stop this


Such as life....did anyone really expect those two to go the long haul?


nooo:'( they need to get back together.


Robert Pattinson looks different

@ lanieth

Yeah,I know. He looks careworn and tired. And sad. I miss the old Rob: carefree, smiling and his eyes sparkeled. At least back then. About 2 years ago,at least... Now he looks 37, NOT 27....


Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Break Up Split Reason Revealed here


I almost feel sorry for the boy, he looks sooooo dull!!

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