Nicki Minaj: Twerking, Straddling Lil Wayne at Billboard Music Awards!

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Nicki Minaj proved, with her raunchy performance at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards, that she can be a lady on the streets and a freak on the stage.

She walked the red carpet in an elegant red gown, but oh how quickly things changed. The rapper gave Lil Wayne a lap dance, "High School" style.

Twerking like a woman possessed in her shredded leggings, midriff-baring crop-top, and high heels, she straddled and writhed against Weezy. Hard.

The big finish to Nicki Minaj's explicit twerk fest involved her completely bent over suggestively fanning her fingers between her legs. Check it out:

We haven't seen a "High School" twerking display like this since ... well, the Scripps Ranch twerk team video that got 33 high school kids suspended.


Twerk tht ass nick


Twerk tht ass Nick


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this means that american celebrities masturbate too?


She is the most disgusting person to ever become rich and famous...a very sad example of the decline of America.

@ JimmyT

She's absolutely disgusting. There was nothing sexy going on that stage. Thought she had padding in those pants because although she is known for her oversized booty, she had some kind of sagging of that a** hanging between her thighs. Go back and check the video - GROSS!

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