Billboard Music Awards 2013: List of Winners!

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It was a fun night for the music industry at the Billboard Music Awards.

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    I abhor Taylor Swift. I hate the way she behaves. Plus, most of her songs are about her ex boyfriends and i dont think they are cool.


    I could agree with only a small portion of winners. I do not get the attraction to Taylor Swift, Justin, Nicki, Lil Wayne, Madonn, and so on and so forth. Maroon 5 would be my top pick of this whole list.. I don't know who is voting for these awards, but they need to rethink what real talent is about. Between nastines and real talent is a big gap. Taylor Swift is my least favorite "country" singer. I don't even consider her pajamaa parties as "country". I could go on and on, and so could a lot of people who I imagine are ignoring the ignorance.


    I want to throw a shoe at my TV every time she comes on the air screeching on her pjs. Why doesn't BB rename this show the teenage awards show? Nothing on earth could have gotten me to watch this crap.


    Glad to see those artist that deserve to win there award, but there some that call themselves artist that have been around for 20 years or more that never won any major music award, that needs to rethink and tell themselves and get the message that there in the wrong industry, especially one that was dress in some king of red outfit, with oversize red boots, with two big red feather arms and dance like a chicken with their head cut off, to distract and was trying to convince the viewers that they can sing, I think there was such an idiot out there last night that we already know who name I’m talking about, but doesn’t deserve to be mention, because that’s why they did it in the first place, they wanted to be notice out of everyone else on the show?


    Taylor won way too many awards. She's an okay singer, But she isn't that good. And I find it crazy people even consider her country... Adding a banjo and a fiddle in like, two of your songs, Doesn't make you a country artist. It's kind of a slap in the face to the real country artists that didn't win anything because of Taylor Swift who, Let's be completely honest here, isn't even country anymore! If I were to show someone the country song of the year that has never heard it, I doubt they'd think it was country music in the slightest degree. She shouldn't have won so many awards. She doesn't deserve them.


    out of all of 'em, Gotye and Taylor Swift are the only ones even resembling true talent. I'm happy I went to bed early.


    This just goes to show you that depending on how much you're willing to sell your soul, that's however many accolades one will receive.....hence Taylor Swift, Anne Hathaway, Rihanna etc.


    The show was fun to watch..


    This is the biggest joke of the year. Taylor winning all those awrds. are they pity awards as the girl can't sing.....

    @ McKay

    Exactly. What has happened? There is NO TALENT. Teeny boppers screaming--good grief.

    @ DCGirl

    There is more talent on the shows with the completion shows than this. Any of the “reality” shows, as they call the new talent shows, has more talent than many of the people on this show. I love true artists, such as Adam Levine, who plays so many instruments, and sings. He also has a line he doesn’t cross, when interviewed, and I respect that. Madonna, and others, do not have any line they won‘t cross. They do not care what they say, or do, and shock and awe is all it is about to them. Lady GaGa can be outrageous, but she can sing rings around the likes of Madonna and Nicki, etc. Plus, GaGa knows how to be appropriate for what the occasion happens to be.

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