Miley Cyrus Makeup Mishap: Oops!

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As the hottest of the hot on the Maxim Hot 100, Miley Cyrus walked the red carpet of a party thrown by that magazine with her head held high last night.

Unfortunately, that simply gave us a better look at the star's face.

It looks as though Miley failed to properly blend the powder on her face, leading to a makeup mishap in which the shades around her mouth are a tad uneven. Take a close look and see for yourself:

  • Miley Cyrus on Maxim Red Carpet
  • Smiley Miley Cyrus

One thing that was not a mistake, however?

Witnesses spotted Cyrus sporting her Liam Hemsworth engagement ring once again. Contrary to rumors out there, this couple appears to be as committed as ever.

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Ohhh geez, what a trivial thing to make a fuss about. Is someone running out of valid dirt to throw at celebrities?


As appears to be the consensus in the majority of the comments before me: This was pretty lame to bring to everyone's attention...To focus on this,'minute' detail,to try to hurt Miley is just---weak,sad,petty,and somewhat despicable...You guy's really hit a new low with this...What is Wrong with you?! You can never convince me that Sweet Miley Ever did Anything to warrant such spiteful,vindictiveness,as I am seeing here...Her 'make-up person' screwed-up---just a little mind you---and you want to call her out on it? Like it's her fault?? WOW!
I wouldn't have seen it,if you hadn't thrown such a spotlight on-it. In-fact,it's so insignificant---all I see is Miley's Beauty! All I see is---Maxim's number #1 Hottest! Go,Miley! LOL! later all; Hollywood---out...


Who wrote this article?Like seriously who gives a crap if Miley Cyrus' makeup is uneven, have you nothing else to write about???


Justin Bieber in a dress.


I'm more concerned with the person that brought such a minute, almost invisible blunder to everyone's attention. How critical and vain can a person possibly be to even notice this and then make it an issue????!?!?!! Wow!!!


She is just amazingly gorgeous regardless of her make-up artists flub. What happened was her make-up artist chose too dark of a shade of bronzer for her skin tone. The part of her face/skin that wasn't contoured with bronzer looks extra white. I doubt it was even noticeable in person. The flash in cameras tho would exagerate the skin-tone differences, so in photos....ya, it looks strange. A bronzer that was a couple shades lighter would have been a better choice. Again, this make-up "mishap" wasn't even that noticeable and not Mileys fault at all. Its the make-up artists blunder! I think Miley is beautiful.


who the hell cares if her makeup is a tad uneven it looks fine to me


These people do NOT do their own makeup. Unless she's great at crossing her eyes and looking down at the rest of her face to check her makeup, how would she know. Come on folks, this is petty. She looks great.


I see what happened but isn't someone supposed to be taking care of this so this wouldn't happen but to me she is still so beautiful.