Lindsay Lohan Bails on Rehab, Flies to L.A.

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Lindsay Lohan is reportedly en route to Los Angeles via a private jet.

The star was expected to check into rehab in the Hamptons today.

Her lawyer and prosecutors agreed she would enter the Seafield Center rehab facility in Westhampton, N.Y., and begin her treatment this morning.

Looks like that's not happening, according to TMZ.

Lohan Smirk

The deal-breaker? Seafield won't allow LiLo to smoke, or take Adderall. Lohan she is said to be headed for Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach, Calif., instead.

There's just one problem with that plan ...

Given that this is court-ordered rehab, prosecutors must approve any treatment she gets as part of her plea deal, and they did not sign off on Morningside. 

Moreover, no one from Lindsay Lohan's camp contacted either the L.A. City Attorney or the Santa Monica City Attorney regarding the change of plans.

By not entering Seafield as planned, Lindsay her plea deal, and her attorneys will be in court today to show proof that she has entered Seafield.

You can imagine there will be some pissed off people in that courtroom. The only question is HOW pissed. She could be jailed over this, legally.

Still, if her legal team can convince a judge that Morningside is a better fit for her, she may skate ... but the train wreck is on the thinnest of ice at this point.

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I guess this mean that if you brake the law you can pick where you want to go and when. She needs to be thrown under the jail let her have rehab be in jail. she is a bad apple and it's time this judge get off of it and do what needs to be done.


Send this girls butt to jail she wants it her way and the law as it seems is going to let her have her way. Enough is enough she doesn't need to changes her mine it's time for hard work and making her do it not wait for her to do it. She is a bad apple and it's time for the judge to get off it and do what he is suppose to do. She has had all the time she needed and now it's up to the law.


This little brat needs to go to jail...and 90 days in Rehab surely isn't enough for this piece of garbage. She needs a good year sent away from the NY and LA life.


Don't think she's getting a pass. If they send her to jail she will serve about 2 days and be free. At least rehab has a chance of helping her if she lets it. I am not surprised she is tring to find a place she can smoke-- probably one too many addictions to give up at once.


Hopefully she will get her crap together soon.


When will California's justice system grow a pair and put this derelict in prison. She's thumbed her nose at the court system for years and they keep giving her a pass. NY would have had her locked up already!


Does this surprise any one?!?!?!...sure as hell does not surprise me....and of course she is free to do what she wants and they will NOT do a dang thing about it....I am so sick of her and getting by with whatever...she is useless....

@ Renee

Anything goes in California!


Lindsay is a train wreck right now. She "knows everything" and really just needs to go to rehab. She should really spend some serious time in jail. Charlie Sheen can't even save her. Lindsay, "Go and get clean."


Hold on here" She is broke according to some past publications, so how can she afford a private jet, let alone California Rehab facilities which are like $14K a day. She is a pathetic young girl who thinks she can do exactly as she pleases. STOP WRITING ABOUT HER, BEEN SICK OF SEEING HER ON THE NEWS AND IN PRINT FOR YEARS NOW.. And I'm not the only one


So let me get this straight ... it wasn't check whether or not she could smoke? That's whack. The facility must know what they're doing when they say no Aderall as well. It's a REHAB facility. You can bring the addictions with you. I hope the judge stands strong on this one.